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Just tried 7.3 and only now noticed the new spell (the one that lets you morph cocks, namely your own). As a cock connoisseur, I rate it a 9/10; had to deduct a point because I'm reminded that the hyper option is still unimplemented xD it's like a literal cock tease! at what point do you think you'll finally add the hyper stuff? not asking for a deadline or anything, just what part of the story is gonna be worked on while adding it (like the pyramid, or any of the unimplemented parts post-original edition LD, just something so I can calm myself until the time is right to hype.

That aside, I had a blast knocking up Rinny, and I find furry-Fawn to be absolutely adorable! I love it! great work Indivi c:

Glad you enjoyed XD. Hyper will come eventually, maybe around same point as megaboobs? Not sure yet. Glad you enjoyed Rinny and Fawn!