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nope, no plans for customization

I would love to, however it is quite demanding. We will se how it goes with the PC launch :) maybe in a few months

damn Thanks! you are an angel. All fixed now!

Hey! I have reduced the article and moved most of the info to a linked devlog. Better?

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It is happening.

It has been over two years since i started with this crazy thing. And now it is out!

Hadr is a atmospheric experimental game, where you play with a piece of cloth flying in the wind. And all the things your cloth covers disappear. There are 13 rooms all with their unique puzzles and interactive music. You can get more info or try the free Demo over here: Hadr store page

I can't wait to see you all playing the game. I am sure you will love it. 

And if you are not super sure yet, you can always check the demo for free over on the store page:

Also check out the release devlog for more info: 

hey, thanks for playing! I have tried the mouse controls in the very first prototype-ish versions. But it just felt weird. I am developing it mainly with controller where you can do more subtle and "precise" movement. I plan to look into the keyboard control and improve it a bit, so thanks for reminding me!