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Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

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thanks for the nice comment and for playing the game dude)

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thanks for playing dude

Loved the story, mechanics and sfx, it is just really fun to play. Now I want to be Tom Hanks. 

I had so much joy when i jumped on the last platform. 10/10, would definitely play again

I think I am now ready to work at the Liberty Macvonden Building...

I loved sea moster, smooth movement and simplicity, and that makes this game great.

Well, that was a confusing game. Nice

I was confused a bit that i could hit enemies only on one part where it works, also the music gave me flashbacks to 2012 youtube, where on every video there was a Kevin MacLeod's music.  it is good for this gamejam so it is 10/10.

This is small but funny and has a kind of vibe to it, the game is simple but enjoyable.

I (unexpectedly for myself) spent a ton of  time playing this clicker, so yeah, it is good.

Interesting mechanics and quite fun gameplay, overall i liked the game.


The game was interesting. The was only one button, the graphics fit this game jam, the elevator music was great. I tried to push the girls into the corner expecting them to disappear through the walls, but I failed. Their conversation was quite intresting to listen to. There wans't much gameplay overall, except from the elevator ride. I spent I few minutes in the end room expecting something to happen.
The game was quite enjoyable and the implementation of the modifier was perfect.

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 I found the game quite enjoyable, the levels were great and fun. The art and the constantly changing background fits the game jam theme.

The movement mechanic is great and well executed. The addition of enemies added to the difficulty of the levels.

I would I argue that the "eject" button is part of Mr. Cools movement, because without it he wouldn't be able to change the direction of his movement, so technically there's two buttons.

Overall the game itself is really good and it perfectly fits the game jam.

Nice game. I didn't understand what I was meant to do at first.

The only issue I had was that the baby hit something while returning to the middle which would restart the game. The art is good. The main mechanic unique and well executed. Some background music would be nice, otherwise quite a nice game for such a game jam.

A really good concept and a great execution. The puzzles were enjoable, the levels themselfs and the difficulty were on point. It's a great short game for a Jam, there's nothing really bad about it. 

Overall, you managed to create a nice little game in the time given, but unfortunately I don't see how it fits the jam theme and modifier. 

nice ga,m


Yes, you can use this assets commercially. 

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it.

Overall, great game. For a game that was made in 48 hours, it's great. You did a great job at making this game.

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Awesome game! But like every other game in this game jam, the leader-board has security flaws. I was able to add custom scores to the leader-board without any issues.

The users 'dd' and 'DodicksGames' are me with the modified score.

Otherwise, great game.

I'm here to inform you of a security flaw in the leader-board system you use. The 'super secret very long code' that provides isn't secret at all, anyone can see it. Anyone is able to change the leader-board. I understand that this is a flaw in the leader-board provider, but I'm here just to tell you. Otherwise found no other security issues.

Thank you for the explanation.

Fun game, great visuals and sound. I agree with others that the controls could be a bit more apart from each other, but otherwise, great game.

Good game! The art is really good. The difficulty could use soe changes, but otherwise great game. But unfortunately  I didn't see or understand the theme "climbing", I would appreciate if you would reply in a brief explanation. 

Thank you for the answer, but was able to play the game in full-screen here, it's the url of the embedded game in 

That's understandable, By the way, is it possible to play in full-screen? 

The art is fantastic, one of the best in this game jam. The game itself is fun, but I found the controls tricky to get used to. Spent around an hour trying to get on to the leaderboard, but failed. Great game!

Well, it took me 84 attempts. Not the best. Nice art and the player movement felt nice and snappy.

I didn't understand the reason of the scoreboard and the prompt for a name from .

I must say, you made a great and fun game in 3 days.

Interesting mechanics of the knights. Fun game!

Great small but fun game!


One of my favourite games in this game jam. Everything about it is great. 10/10

Great game! Found it a bit too hard for me, but overall a great game.