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Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it.

Overall, great game. For a game that was made in 48 hours, it's great. You did a great job at making this game.

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Awesome game! But like every other game in this game jam, the leader-board has security flaws. I was able to add custom scores to the leader-board without any issues.

The users 'dd' and 'DodicksGames' are me with the modified score.

Otherwise, great game.

I'm here to inform you of a security flaw in the leader-board system you use. The 'super secret very long code' that provides isn't secret at all, anyone can see it. Anyone is able to change the leader-board. I understand that this is a flaw in the leader-board provider, but I'm here just to tell you. Otherwise found no other security issues.

Thank you for the explanation.

Fun game, great visuals and sound. I agree with others that the controls could be a bit more apart from each other, but otherwise, great game.

Good game! The art is really good. The difficulty could use soe changes, but otherwise great game. But unfortunately  I didn't see or understand the theme "climbing", I would appreciate if you would reply in a brief explanation. 

Thank you for the answer, but was able to play the game in full-screen here, it's the url of the embedded game in 

That's understandable, By the way, is it possible to play in full-screen? 

The art is fantastic, one of the best in this game jam. The game itself is fun, but I found the controls tricky to get used to. Spent around an hour trying to get on to the leaderboard, but failed. Great game!

Well, it took me 84 attempts. Not the best. Nice art and the player movement felt nice and snappy.

I didn't understand the reason of the scoreboard and the prompt for a name from .

I must say, you made a great and fun game in 3 days.

Interesting mechanics of the knights. Fun game!

Great small but fun game!


One of my favourite games in this game jam. Everything about it is great. 10/10

Great game! Found it a bit too hard for me, but overall a great game.

Some sound would be nice. Overall, a great casual game.

It has potential to become a great game. Continue to work on it after the jam end. Overall a great game, with nice sound and graphics.

Movement is a bit slow but overall interesting game with potentional future after the game jam!

Thanks for playing! In new version everything will be fixed.

A great way to implement the theme. The aesthetics and sound are great. A great and a fun game to play!

An absolutely great game! The art is one of the best I have seen in this game jam. At first I didn't understand the controls, but that's my fault for not reading the description.  

Overall, great game, loved playing it!

Music is good and the visuals are too. Simple but fun. Good game!

Grappling hook makes evetything fun to play) Great game!

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Interesting idea! My highscore is 1123.

Great job! The sound and music is one of the best in this jam. The main mechanic is quite unique.

Overall, great game!

Sound and music are epic. artstyle is good but got some bugs through the game. Overall good game!

This is dope! Controls are bit hard but thats fine.

Great "getting over it" game! the art is nice and sound too.

I was hoping to make the game hard to play and made movement like trash. It could be better, sorry

Thanks for playing! Funny fact - music in the menu was made in 15 minutes before the deadline) and also I wanted to say


Great arcade game but controls are not for me. Maybe on android it would be great.

Simple idea but good realisation. The texture on cubes sometimes looks glitchy but the game is good!

Quite fun to play and atmosphere is great. Also interesting artstyle. Good game!

Great timekiller (in a good way)! I think it would be great to play on phones.

Fun to play! Also I think it would be better if you added some types of enemies/platforms or even some types of cubes. Nice game!

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Great game! The graphics and music fit nicely with the game. Quite fun to play!

And it's nice that you added support for every OS.

Thank you for your feedback. Why can't you play the game?

Oh, now I see!