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I've had this issue before as well; years back, the pyinstaller devs tried to get the antivirus companies to mark the false positives, but every new version kept getting marked regardless, and it wasn't practical for them to contact dozens of companies every time.

Because it's just a signature-based match, it can (usually) be fixed by the game developer building their own pyinstaller EXEs from source so the signature is slightly different.

The character is super-adorable.

Super glad the Sailor Moon vibe came across successfully! That was what I had in mind when I made it :D

Yeah; I wrote the music in MML format for a sound chip (YM2203) that was common in the NEC PC-9801 computers that the game is styled after, and then I used a specialized driver and player to record it. Thanks for trying the game out!

Did anything show up in the log file? What's your OpenGL version?

Thanks so much! That's really encouraging to me.