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Great update! I can't wait to play this. 

My wife and I love this zine so much. It's amazing how much thought and cleverness went into each drawing and the whole thing is oozing with style. Great work. 

Thanks for the reply. I just tried it again today and it works. I think something must have been going wrong when Patigor and I had the black screen issue 12 days ago. 

I'm having the same issue on mac. Tried it in Chrome and Safari with no luck. 

Right on, thanks! I can't wait to try it on the device too. It looks gorgeous

I tried installing through the sideload function on playdate's site, but I got an error message saying "The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo."

Which of these versions should I try to install on the Playdate? I can't seem to get them to work with the installer. 

Howdy y'all, 

Doc Pop's One-Dimensional Chess is a fun chess variant played on a single row of squares.  Despite its appearance, 1D Chess is surprisingly strategic and highly replayable. Included in the download are two versions of the 1D Chess board that you can print up at home plus rules written in English and French. I hope to add more languages too. 

This is my first print and play release on, so I'd love any feedback on how to market it better to the community. 

There's also a link to a version on Tabletop Simulator.

Hi, just wanted to check and see if the print version is still available?

This is wonderful, thanks for sharing. It would be fun to see a few more things added, like maybe some birds occasionally flying through the skies and messing up your shots.  Maybe some small pools of water or snow just to spice up things visually. Great work!