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Thank you Birbwell, I'm glad you liked our little frog 😊

Thank you!

Hello Purple !

Malheureusement je n'ai aucune idée de comment résoudre ce problème, je suis désolé. J'ai même pas le matos pour pouvoir constater le problème à la maison, et je suis pas sûr que via mon moteur je puisse accéder à quoi que ce soit qui aide 😔

Well done mate, this looks really good,especially for a first solo game!

Great devlog and really nice game!

Thank you for the kind words 🙏

Thank you for doing a video about our game Frances! I'm glad you liked it. Have a wonderful year 😊

Thank you!

57 secondes c'est énorme ahah, bien joué !

Thank you Lime! Glad you finally found time to play our game <3

Well done!

Thanks Visnicio!
Yeah, sounds make a great difference. I was lucky enough that Antoine spend some of his free weekend time to make a music for the game. Also I spend a bit more than 4 hours onto this game, it would not have sounds if I've sticked to 3 hours 😬

Thank you Hallow, both for the comment and for following the live 🙏

Lovely game man, especially the artwork!
I did not fully understand the challenge to be honest, but it's still impressive within the 4 hours constraint 💪

50s is already really nice! I think my best was 30ish :D

Thank you for playing our little game!

Super fun and really creative! I think I would have prefered to spawn a cloud where I am to block sunbeams, but aside from that the game was juste really good 👌

Very good game! That's so nice to see a game with a bit of story like that. Really polished and all, well done 👏

We made the same game! But yours has way more depth, well done 👌

Nice and cute game. The best take I've seen on flappy bird so far.
The fact that the bird is very random makes it really hard, but still fun to play!

The sprites looks so good! Really fun game, I love throwing little goblins 😈
I think the game could be a little faster (same for the animations) and still be enjoyable, but that's just my opinion 😅

YUP, that's the pink square I was looking for but never find when I finally had crystal in my hands 😭

The idea is excellent, well done Luc! I spend a good 5 minutes looking for what I could do with everything. I did not finish it since I had crystal but did not know what to do with it (and no pink square to put crystal in it anymore). I've noticed a new bug: one time I spawned on a lake and could not move untill the character dies. Also, I never find how to interact with the lake, and I wish a could had more time before my character dies. Aside from that, good game :D 

This is such a good idea, and really fun to play! With a little bit more polish it could be an amazing game :O

Simple yet excellent idea, really cute art, clever level design, overall really polished: well done! That's one of the best games I've played so far (and I've played a lot 😊)

I love the art style, very well done and cute! It is also very enjoyable to smash some birdies 😋
I think the game just lacks a little bit of challenge since you can click as much as you want to prevent birds from crossing.

It's even harder than flappy bird! Nice looking, but the pipe's movement is a bit too stiff maybe?

Nice game! The fact than you can use the flame monster or the bomb to kill other monsters is very clever 😁

Amazing that this game was made in under 48h 😱It looks so good, I love the little skeletons animations. Also really fun to move them around. Sometimes I had a few issues with the pathfinding making me lose a lot of skeletons. But in the end, it's one of the things that make the game challenging.

Nice presentation and really clever gameplay! The set of rules seemed strange when I first read it, but it makes totally sense when playing the game. The start of each game just seems a little bit too random to me, but that's quickly fixed when you progress in your run.

Lovely idea and execution! The game is polished and the puzzles are well designed, congrats 👏

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So full of energy, I love this game! The transitions between levels are just 👌

One of my favorite submission for this jam. The level of polish you put into the game is absolutely amazing!

Probably the cutest game I've played so far. I was a really bad Yeti untill I find the right spot 😈

A lot harder than I thought! Really well made and super polished game 👌

This is such a great and neat idea! Simple but very well done.

Sorry you did not enjoy the game!
I'll try to make a better game with the post jam version

Thanks!I would love to have damage numbers but I did not find the time for that :(

Merci pour le super retour, je suis carrément d'accord avec tous les points !
J'ai un peu bougé la caméra dans ma version post jam (que je posterai à la fin des votes du coup) mais je vais complètement dézoomé en +, c'est une bonne idée 👌 Et ouais l'équilibrage c'est pas trop ça. En même temps c'est FULL RANDOM sur le Belmont, donc pour peu qu'il améliore à fond un seul truc, tu peux rapidos te faire poncer (genre les flammes, c'est opé !). J'équilibrerais un peu dans la version post jam aussi.

A great and well done idea! It's a bit short and I would have loved to have more levels, but I'm sure you'll be able to do more if you want to. Nice job :D