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Really smart design, and great work on all aspects of the game!

Really nice take on the theme! Suprinsingly hard to, but I'm really bad at twin stick shooters. Overall you did a really good job on all aspects of the game, well done.

Trop bien, ça fait plaisir à lire. C'est pour ça qu'on a préféré poster le lien de cette version du jeu dans la version jam, en précisant qu'on était hors compet'. Sans sons ça n'a pas trop d'intérêt =/


Merci beaucoup, je transmets à Garance qui a fait les graphs !

Nice game! Not easy to have full control of what you're doing, but the gameplay is refreshing.

Hello !
Merci pour l'info concernant le lien, j'avais pas vu. Perso je suis pas du tout intéressé par la partie compétition mais par le fait que les gens s'amusent sur le jeu tel qu'on l'avait prévu. Je pense ajouter un message pour dire qu'on se retire de la compétition. Merci encore =]

Merci d'avoir rejoué Matteo ! <3

Thank you jinxedbyte. I'm not sure I'll work more on that one, but I'm glad you liked it anyway =]

Merci Quentin !

Thank you! Yeah, it would be nice with additional effects

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the art style =]

Merci à toi, content que tu continues à apprécier le jeu :D

Merci Rémy, ça fait super plaisir venant de toi !

Thank you! I did all the sounds, even for the wolves :D

Really hard, really good. I love the sounds!

I'm really bad at this game, but it's one of my favorite coming from this jam. Well done!

Really fun and sweet take on the theme =]

Simple yet really effective game! It's super polished and fun to play. I just wish there were some musics.

Your version of disc room is so cute! I love it, even if it's a bit to close from Disc Room design wise. Nice work!

Sorry that you don't feel the game feets the theme. For me it was basically an other way to present a room, with NPC roaming in it, and the wolves are like the saws in Disc Room. But I get that for some people it can be seen as a stretch.

Toujours aussi fou ce que tu fais Benjamin !

Amazing game, looking really good!

Content que tu aies kiffé ! Et j'aime bien les sons aussi, j'ai tout fait à la bouche ahah

Merci ! 8 moutons au premier try c'est pas mal du tout :D

Merci beaucoup !

Merci Matteo =]

Merci ! Ça fait trop plaisir de savoir que des gens y jouent encore <3


Amazing game! I wonder how you did such a game in construct, especially the recursive bit. Well done!

Merci beaucoup !

Really nice score!

U'r the best!
Merci d'y jouer autant héhé =]

Thank you for the kind words! Non overlapping wires are definitely a thing I don't want in the game, i'll remove it. 

Thank you for the nice review and detailed feedback! Appreciated. I'll sure remove the luck factor as it was not intentional. I wanted to remove it but could not achieve to do it within the time constraint.


Thank you! A multiplayer would definitely be a nice thing to add 👌

Hello Johnonym, and thank you for playing the game!
I run out of a time so I could not explain the rules directly into the game, but the first description line says that all the eyes are looking at you except two. The goal is to find the two eyes that are not looking at you, but I guess it's a bit too subtle at the moment =s