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Got repetive after a while. Good game though

Got repetive after a while. Good game though

Music is good, gameplay is good, trailer is hype. First I thought it was another basic pixel art punching game, but its so much more. 10/10

My bad, my controller wasnt connecting so I thought it didnt have it. Amazing game so far.

Add gamepad support and remap control support

This reminds me of a game called Doom. Maybe check it out someday.

Has control rebinding

Very cool

please add full screen, its annoying to click away from screen on accident.

Good Short Game. I need to see more to understand the story. Give it to me now

Pretty good, maybe after game jam you could add animations to the shadows.

Good game, but jumping does not feel smooth

This is amazing! 

some spelling errors, but good game

lmao, btw I just saw the art above these comments and its amazing. cant believe it was made in 7 days.

Like any game jam game its fun for 2 minutes then its not. Good concept though.

decent game

Really good game but its incredibly easy, if you camp at a door and just spam e you will always win.

The controls are extremely bad, good game for game jam though

The robot just doesnt charge when the heat is on for some reason

Very cool game idea, I like how it fits the theme in a unique way.

The music is amazing! That was one of the best games on I absolutely love the cell shaded look. Would love to see more levels. This is my personal pick for the best ludam dare 43 game. 

Feels like im walking on ice, and jump mechanics are buggy. Granted its made in 3 days its not bad.  It doesnt really fit the theme that well, all you do is sacrifice things for gold but its not a core gameplay mechanic, its mostly just a 3d platformer.

Really great use of theme, the animations and graphics are amazing. Those sound effects are so good. 

I hate it too, but its not bad for a game jam

 This is very well made. 5 stars and fits the theme perfectly

Its really hard to control the character.

Good use of game jam theme

This was very good, the mechanics are amazing and the game plays really well. 

Very funny, unclear what to do, and list the controls

really bad controls

Its not bad. Fun for about 2 minutes, good visuals

Controls are pretty bad, concept is cool and fits very well with the theme


Your mom

I really like the style, is this made only using keyboard text? Good demo so far

I did not expect that ending at all, it was fun not knowing when something was gonna come out. Great use of color and sounds.

The sound was amazing! I like how it progressively gets weirder. The ending kept me anxious of what was gonna happen and made me more and more anxious

Nice art and design, but the gameplay doesnt make any sense.