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Jess Gates

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Thank you for making such a open, authentic experience here - I hope your hard times are on their way to better times soon!

Thank you so much for this game! It's awesome. I wish I'd had something like this when I was going through sex ed at school.

I laughed at (and empathised with) several of Maia's reactions, thanks for making such an authentic and real experience. :)

This is really neat! I really liked the room with the snappy-teeth creatures and the maze. Awesome stuff!

Thank you for telling such a compelling story here. :)

Yay! I'm glad this exists - super keen to play it once I'm back at the computer!

Hello wonderful people!

With us all entering the last few days of this jam, I'm keen to see what you've all been eagerly creating!

If you're running close to time, and reckon you won't get it finished in time - DON'T PANIC! There's no judging or rating here, so feel free to submit whatever you've got and edit it later, or continue working on your game in your own time (but make sure to upload it eventually because I'll obviously want to play it!). Anything else, ping me here or on Twitter (@jessgates025).

And, a massive apology for being somewhat disconnected from everything to do with this jam over the last few weeks (life and brain stuff happened). I'm looking to try to run these on a reasonably regular basis, pending what the next few months bring, so if the creative juices escaped you this time, fear not! There will be more!

Good luck!


Hi folks!

Please feel free to comment below with your works in progress as the jam continues!


Hey folks, I'm so glad you're all here!

It's approximately halfway through the #PeriodJam, (unfortunately, I've been unwell the last few weeks, so I haven't kept this as active as it could be), but I'm so excited to see what games y'all make!

If you have any questions, want to share what you've made so far, need some help, or want to find a rad person/people to team up with, give me a shout or chuck a post up here!


A friend of mine has reached out to me through Twitter with some menstrual cup sounds. They're happy for anyone doing the jam to use them  - and are interested (time permitting) for any further sounds folks need for their jam games. If you're interested in the menstrual cup sounds - let me know in the comments belong or DM me on Twitter at @jessgates025.

Hi Raed, I'm so glad you're keen. Hopefully you can find someone / a few someones who are looking for some programming help!

This game looks amazing! I can't play it (non-Apple-user here), but I'm really glad it exists. :D

Thank you, and thanks for playing! :)

well, no, but life took over and I never finished the game. But I guess, maybe I'll make it into some dramatic metaphor or something? 😅

Thanks for playing :) 

That was my favourite scene to create. I'm glad you connected with it so deeply. Thanks for playing :)

Bug is known, and being fixed Tuesday when back at the computer. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your comment and for playing! 

Bug is known, and being fixed Tuesday when back at the computer. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your comment and for playing! 

As promised, for Zem:

This is so many arts!!
Well done you lot. Much fun to play :)

This is really clever! Short, but gets its message and perspective across clear. Love the jellyfish! Well done. 

Thanks Erika! Glad you enjoyed it :)