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Well, it's a lot easier to just go over your dialogues, and give the versions that make more sense, as some left me frowning a bit. Tho that might take a bit of time to do, as I don't exactly like half-assing things.

Craftsman RPG, a personal favorite niche genre that I cannot help but enjoy.

When the sequel is here, promise to let me know, I don't want to miss out. :P

That was a rather weird experience.

Nice start of a story, but the amount of grammatical errors made it almost a pain to read, the English made almost no sense in some areas and made me double check what I just read. Finding what to interact with was also a pain with the grain part.

On the other side, it's a shame it was so short, the story is quite compelling, so you've got a plus there.

My comments may be a bit harsh, but this is the best feedback I could give.

Almost forgot, Faith asks for Slime Jelly, however even when you have Slime Jelly, when talking to her, she still tells you to talk to her when you have Slime Jelly. (Tried with 1 jelly, 2 jelly, 3 jelly... up to 7 jelly.)

After getting the Sage for the girl, you have to go rest? So I looked for Elisha's house, found Elisha and Clair's house, but you can't move in there. So you're pretty much stuck. I am pretty sure this isn't intended.

Terrible flaw:

You cannot expand beyond 6200 storage capacity, as the cost for the upgrade goes beyond your current capacity.

Well, it's a bit sad that a game breaking bug like that seems so insignificant to you. :l

It's nice to know there's a workaround, but still, as a developer of games myself, I wouldn't be able to stand a bug like this not being fixed. X.X

Can't help but wonder if something is wrong, but I keep getting stuck at the stage where I need to buy chicken. I buy the chicken, back out of the menu, and Mochi asks me if I don't want to buy the chicken, reopens the shop, and I'm basically stuck in that loop.

Did something break?