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Hi Charlie,  is the link.  called example NC file.

Thank you so much for helping me out .


Hi Charlie,

Running an Axiom Iconic 8.  Table size is 23.81 inch (X), 47.63  inch (Y), 3.937inches of Z.   ( 610 mm x 1210 mm x 100mm).  Using a RichAuto B11 DSP controller.  Home is at the front left corner and I home the machine on every start up.  Today I tried moving the origin to the center of the table and the Y soft limit no longer came up as an error.  Tried setting Z = 0 as high as possible and at the spoilboard.   In both cases still getting errors of X soft limit and Z soft limit.  From what I understand, the controller thinks the file is too big for the machine.  Not sure if it is an imperial/metric thing as the controller works in metric.  In PixelCNC I did change the canvass dimensions to be metric.  The only thing that was not metric was the tool size.


Hi Charlie,

I have tried the softeare and am stuck at gettign a g-code file that will work with my CNC.  I have tried the different post processors that you include with the program.   I have also tried the one I normally use in Fusion 360 - RS274.  They all give me the same error when I try to run the file from the controller ---  "out of soft limits"  for all three axis.  Is this a problem with how I have set up the work area.  I have tried to change the size but still get the same errors.    At a loss as to what to do next.

Thank you


Did some more testing this morning.  PicelCNC will run on the Intel HD GPU as long as I don't have my USB dock plugged into the laptop.  So your program works as you expected.  It is my hardware configuration - USB docking station and second monitor.

Next quetsion - how do I load an image.  I know I am missing something simple.

Thank you

Did some more experimenting:

1.  Unplug laptop  from USD docking station

2. Load PixelCNC - loads fine on laptop.

3  Plug laptop back into USB docking station - second monitor (BenQ) comes alive and there is the PixelCNC program.  Seems to work - just tried a few menu selctions - did not do any actual work.  Can drag window between monitors.  So I have a pretty easy workaround to get the program onto my bigger monitor.  Will go with that.  

I posted the latest log file to Pastebin.  Here is the link

Looks like I was successful in changing the GPU but had to do it in the NVIDIA Contol Panel.  Changed ita globally and also for PixcelCNC.  Not sure why it still shows as the Intel HD for the laptop and USB3.0dual display for the BenQ monitor when I look at the praphics settings in Windows.

I am thinking the USB docking station is the thorn in the side.  I have not tried connecting the BenQ monitor directly to the laptop.  Another day perhaps. 

Here is the link for the log file.

looked at Hitman and could not find where  to add to a list of allowed programs

Thank you for the detailed help tips.

Originally ran the .exe file from a folder called downloads.  All files were unzipped - 16 files and 3 folders.   Moved to the desktop and no difference.  Tried from C:\PixelCNC and no difference.  If I run as administrator it asks me if I will allow Pixel CNC to make changes.  When I do not run as adminsitrator I do not get that splash screen.


I am working in native windows - not sure what those other things are so I am sure I am not using them.

log file is very long but the config.dat file does load when run from the desktop and from  C:\PixelCNC

  first few lines of log file - I do not know how to attach the file to this reply.

0.017  [ PixelCNC v1.43a Trial 64-bit  - Jul  1 2020 ]
0.018  [ Charles Van Noland - ]
0.019 exe: C:\PixelCNC (64-bit)
0.020 user: C:\Users\Lunty Laptop\AppData\Roaming\Charles Van Noland\PixelCNC
0.021 log: 201116-213231
0.022 --- initializing ---
0.022 configuration...
0.022 config_init: default version #143
0.023 loaded 5.258kb from "C:\Users\Lunty Laptop\AppData\Roaming\Charles Van Noland\PixelCNC\config.dat"

did get the message that I was using th trial version and my 20 minutes was up 

I run Bit defender, Malawarebytes and Hitman  for anti virus software.

Does not show up in my APPS for Windows 10 so I don't think it gets installed. 

Screen shot of what I get when I try to install.

config.dat not congig.dat

in path name all vertical lines "|" should be "\"| 

portion of log  file. cannot attach an image or cut an paste with out getting an error about "expecting 0 to 20---- characters

0.027 failed to load "C:\Users\Lunty\Lunty Laptop|AppData|Roaming\Charles Van Noland\PixelCNC\congig.dat


Trying to download the trial but get a screen with no fonts.  Running as administrator makes no difference.  Tried previous versions and no difference.

Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.  Computer is 

Processor:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ @2.80 GHz 

Ram: 16.0 GB

System Type: 64 bit OS 

Any ideas ???