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Did some more testing this morning.  PicelCNC will run on the Intel HD GPU as long as I don't have my USB dock plugged into the laptop.  So your program works as you expected.  It is my hardware configuration - USB docking station and second monitor.

Next quetsion - how do I load an image.  I know I am missing something simple.

Thank you

That's great news :D

First I'd suggest setting up your project's 'canvas' which is the area where you can create and design your project as well as the volume within which toolpaths will be able to generate. There are four buttons at the top-left, beneath the menubar, which let you go between the four interface "modes". The default mode is for editing the canvas. In that mode you can click "Canvas Properties" to change the size and resolution. You can always change it later but I like to set it up at the beginning of creating a project.

From there you can click "New Layer" just beneath the "Canvas Properties" button, and either create a new editable blank layer or load an image/vector/model as a layer. Each layer "type" allows for different editing opportunities. Paths-layers don't directly affect the canvas and are for generating layers that do have a physical effect on the canvas. There is a lot more detailed information about everything in the User Guide which you can access via the Help menu.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about any of the buttons and functionality.