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Great concept!

This is so great! The finale in particular!

So cool! Makes me think of Totem Teller's aesthetic.
It would be so cool to mix-and-match that technic with higher res 2D assets and UIs!
Whatever you end up putting out, I hope noobs like me can understand some of it ^_^
Good luck!

Are you making your engine public/open-source? 
I'm sure a lot of people would love to play around with it/help you perfect it!

Fabulous. The tone of this is just hilarious!

Love the atmosphere! And the visual reveals work so well!

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I tried the game on PC, worked fine... until the last Tetris sequence crashed!
Besides that, it's so fun! The mechanics have great narrative potential! I didn't get to read the end because of the crash, but the suspense really works. As a fan of tetris and narrative games, I thought it was a really refreshing experience, I'm sure the concept could be applied to a longer game where we get to delve deeper into the characters stories and personalities through different puzzle speed/modes.
Thoroughly enjoyed!

Beautiful art!

Clever twist! It's very sweet, and it's feels like there's something more after...?
Is this the intro to a larger story?

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Hi, we just used one of your tracks for our game How Drinking Coffee Daily Got Me Fired. Thought you'd like to know ;D
Thanks for making it available to jammers, great tracks all around!

Thanks for the encouragement!

Sweetest thing I ever drank read! Didn't quite get the role the tomatoes play, but the whole thing is great! Congrats!

Thank you ! I'll take a look.

Thank you !!!

Hi there :) 

I'm making a game for this jam and wondering where do you guys usually find your sounds and musics.

I'm looking for royalty free files attached to a Creative Commons licence.

Thank you and  have a nice day!

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Liked it very much. I was hooked, waiting for more levels!

And it was great! An good inspiration for Coffee jammer!

Thanks, I'll try to be polite about it!

Not punishing, pretty and funny! I'm not a Mario fan, but I liked it!

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Hi MissMyu, someone had to ask: is NFSW ok? Not sure if I wanna go that route (or if I'll have enough time for that), but, I thought I'd ask...

Hi, playing on Mac here. I can confirm the archive is not executable as is!

Wow, Hours?  Glad the option to do the interview over could be useful! Thanks for the feedback!

It runs fine now. Spent like an half hour playing it!

Cool game about... inflation and/or the destruction of the middle class?

It sped up like crazy and I didn't get any error message at the end.
I thought that was  a nice way to cut it short! Good job anyway!

Very clever, beautiful, and intuitive! Great ideas!