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It's a tiny game jam game. I hope jou enjoyed it at least as half as much I enjoyed making it .)

I've made this game to finally complete making a game from start to finish, and I did everything myself (within reasonable bounds of course. I didn't create the Unity engine, Krita or record all the musical instruments, but I did put everything together using existing tools).

The game "demo" is pretty much the complete game. The supporter's edition was created as something extra for people that would decide to support my work.

I got inspired by Keyboard Drumset F****** Werewolf that was made by Cactus (the author of Hotline Miami) back in the day. It's a short game with several phases made to a tune of a song.

Get the game here

Thank you for kind words .)

Hi! :)

It's okay. Yes, that is all. It's a tiny joy project I put together when I had a little extra time - just enough for doing a tiny joy project .)

Thank you .)


Glad to be of service .)



Thank you :-D 

I am glad to hear that :-D

Looked it up. I can hear it now :-D

Also, content? Never heard of it :-D Just kidding. This was made with a relatively clear vision from start to end. I can't really put it in words, but I have a few games I've been working on for some time with no end in sight, and really needed to finish polish and publish something, no matter the scope. 

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Thanks! I appreciate it .)

*Random few words of appreciation* .)

BTW which youtuber are we talking about?

You are too kind ^^

Much appreciated ♥

Thank. You. ♥ This has brightened my day .)


the web build doesn't load for me. Can I by any chance get a windows build? Ty

Thank you for your feedback. I'm going to expand on this game so there'll be a few more mechanics, and hopefully the gameplay will be much clearer from the get-go.

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Thank you! I tried .)

Oh... right. Didn't know it was VR game. I kinda skipped reading the text. 

This is all I see when I run the game.

Thank you! The guy screaming is a JoJo reference...

Really great atmosphere, with all the screaming and yeeting

Please try making a windows build, so more of us can rate your submission.

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I love this kind of game. The progression gave me something to strive for. Visuals are nice, sounds are cool. I initially had difficulty aiming. Thank you for the speed button, and for the game overall.

Very interesting concept, though very confusing execution. I know that each part is described in the tutorial, but TBH I don't know these symbols, and didn't remember which did what operation, so descriptions on hover would really help.

Very pleasant game. Best submission so far .)

I couldn't cook anything either. I threw some rat fur and a few feathers into the cauldron, but nothing happened afterwards. This has potential tho. Also, nice graphics and sounds.

Congratulations on your first game jam game!

The mood was quite nice on this one. I kind of expected to get attacked by some alien monster. Needing to hold down R wasn't that much fun. Maybe if your battery auto reloaded, or if you had something to do while it was reloading...?

I followed a few blips, but didn't find anything. Pressed spacebar to loose the ability to move...?

Anyway, sounds and graphics were nice .)

I destroyed the mothership. Had fun, thanks. 

You inspired me. I'm probably making a shmup next LD as well.

Very nice. Controls nicely, audio works surprisingly well, and the story behind it made me laugh.  Well done.

The texts are really funny. I struggled with the controls a lot, but overall it's a fun game.

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Windows version just opens an error dialog that says "Failed to load mono". I think you should add MonoBleedingEdge directory to the archive. Linux version worked fine. 

Story works perfectly. The mechanic that makes you read it all over again is kind of annoying. 

Very interesting mechanics. Good job!

I missed some kind of advertisity, or a limiter, e.g. some loosing condition. Otherwise, cCool game, looks good, and funny premise. 

Thank you <3  You can't imagine how much I appreciate the feedback, and the fact you still remember The Prisonmaster.

Speaking of which, The Prisonmaster is currently on hold, since I can't yet produce the graphics of quality I'd like The Prisonmaster to have, and can't afford to, nor want to pay someone else to do it. There were some minor changes made though - I can post an update to the game if you wish, but it's still a work in progress, as it was the last release. There is still some work I can, and should do with my current skillset to at least make the new environment sprites consistent, so if you're interested in it, I will get it done in a few weeks alongside the "in the meantime project" I'm currently working on.

The "in the meantime" project is based on this one actually. It is meant as a stepping stone towards being able to release a finished game, as The Prisonmaster is a project I would like to be complete, polished, and up to some professional standards. I'll keep you up to date personally via comments here, or by any other channel of your choice, if you're not against it.