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Hi I'm a Unity C# Programmer of 3 years experience looking to join a team. I've competed in over 20 jams in the past 2 years and placed 2nd place in BGJ. I'm looking for a team or if your an artist, composer I'm willing to start my own team if we need too. My portfolio is more detailed than I would like to go into here so if you want more info take a look through my website or you can contact me via discord #imtrash9516 thanks!

The green card is a tap card! Try going back to the third door and looking inside the box.

Hi there are jump scares and it can get a bit intense! Give it a try and let me know how you felt 😅

Hi, have you found a team yet? We are in need of an audio designer that's active and willing to participate! Contact me if you have questions or want my background information. DM: imtrash#9516

Hi, I'm a programmer looking for a team to join. I've had a lot of experience with game jams with my favorite game I've helped create

'Seeds Of The Universe' placing 2nd place!

I have 3.5 years of experience in programming and have a VRIF license that I'm happy to use if wanted.

Not exactly looking for these roles but want a team of a Modeler, Sound Engineer, and a 2nd Programmer OR Level designer!

Feel free to check out my profile to see my past work! 

If you want to look further into my VR content don't worry your free to message me and

I can send work on the current game I'm working on.

Discord: imtrash#9516

This was actually really fun and super cute, though I must say I wasn't much of a fan of the SFX.

The idea was really unique and I enjoyed that part but I don't think the enemies really ever got to a point where it felt really chaotic but they did keep you on your toes.  I really like the level system idea, I think polishing would make this a lot better!

I appreciate the feedback! Yea we noticed the game was really laggy on WebGL however, it's really smooth on downloadable if you want to give that a try instead.  The dash is pretty buggy, we prioritized other core mechanics over a dash system and never really got a round to fixing that, my bad. ~ Nic (Programmer  & Artist)

Thanks for the feedback, we most definitely could have explained a bit more further. ~ Nic (Programmer & Artist)

Yea as someone else mentioned we actually ended up forgetting to put the ball on the right shoulder for the second scene. So instead of it being on the right shoulder it ended being on the left. Sorry for the confusion! ~Nic (Programmer)

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Hi there, thanks for playing and pointing out that bug! I don't think any of us realized that as we switched the ball to the right shoulder last second.. We're planning to add another update after judgment to straighten up all the bugs and issues people have, again thanks for playing!

~ Nic (Programmer)

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My Role: Unity C# Programmer VR, 3D, 2D.

My SkillsC# 3.4+ years experience

Sound Engineer 6+ years with a 5 star(21 Reviews) Fivver page.

Blender 1 year with mostly low poly experience

My Jam Projects: (2nd Place Winner!)

My Fivver Page:

Length of availability: 

11am - 930pm EST

Who I'm looking for:

3D Artist (Preferably somewhere I can look at your awesome work) [Closed Currently]

Another Programmer (Preferably 3+ years experience as well but anyone can apply) [Closed]

Sound Designer (Preferably a SC or somewhere I can listen to your work)[1 Spot]

Composer(Preferably a SC or somewhere I can listen to your work) [Closed Currently]

Level Designer(Preferably a years experience) [1 Spot]

or Any other role that can be a viable asset.

Paid Assets I own that can be used for the Jam:



DM me on discord if you are interested. (imtrash#9516)

Thanks for playing and once I can update that's something I was actually planning on fixing with my code, however at the time I thought clicking to shoot was quite cool of a mechanic.

Hi, there I'm a Unity  2D, 3D & VR Programmer with years of experience. I've participated in over 7 game jams and placed #2 In one!

You don't need to be a team however an artist is needed.

If you're interested in contacting me you can do so via discord.

Discord: imtrash#9516

Very understandable the gameplay got smushed together in order to meet 72-hour guidelines, sorry about that. ~Nic

Thanks for playing. The idea was for the courage meter to build up during the process of hiding near enemies, however, during the last few hours of the jam bugs came up and shouting isn't consistent as it was during its testing phase. ~Nic

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing, Audrey is definitely hands down the best artist I've ever had the pleasure to work with! On the mechanics, we did plan for it to be super polished and not so broken however, bugs came up and time was dwindling down. ~Nic

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Thank you so much, we definitely over-scoped on this one for sure. We didn't initially plan for the monsters to be all placed on the bottom floor but it turned out creepy and made the game a bit longer. ~Nic

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Hi there sorry about the difficulty. That wasn't our intention, try hiding and letting the monsters walk past you and your meter should work! 


Hi there this will be my 6th Jam. I also placed 2nd Place in BGJ#3. If your working with a team I highly suggest you guys have regular daily meetings for a 72 hour jam. Discuss your work that's being done, game ideas, struggles, and reworking. As a team, it all comes down to communication, dedication, and understanding of time. If your solo I suggest you really focus on your time, you have less than you realize. While solo you need to get your main mechanics down and fix non game breaking bugs later. Good luck!

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Looking To Join Team

  • Nic
  • Unity 3D, 2D & VR Programmer
  • I've been teaching myself to program for the past 3+ years and this would be my fifth game jam and I've gotten second place on BGJ#3. I will link my games I programmed in below.
  • I also have a pretty good knowledge of music as I've also been making music for a long time so If any music needs to be mixed and mastered that's something I am very capable of, I have a Fivver with many examples of what I've done for people as well.
  • Discord: imtrash#9516 


Hi, my name is Nic and I'm a Unity Programmer with a little over 2 years' experience! I recently finished these games for a game jam and will be excited to do more. 

If you want to message me and ask me questions or even schedule a meeting to talk about my work (or my discord name ) and how it would fit in your game, I'd be glad to. Feel free to DM me!

My Discord: imtrash#9516 

Sorry about that, I never properly changed the position of the vent. It'll be fixed after the judging is finished! ~Nic (Lead Programmer)

Hi there, I'm a Unity C# Programmer that can work in both 2D and 3D. I have a little over 2 years of experience,  I will link here some of the games I recently worked on for some previous Game Jam's. You may add and DM me on discord, please have and be willing to use a mic.

Discord: imtrash#9516

~ Thanks

Thank you, If there was more time we would have added more levels!

Thank you! Yea people have complained its a little unexplained on what to do. Me and the team are going to be working on fixing that as soon as the game jam is finished to make it a little easier on the player!

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Good game, Its decently difficult and really fun for how simplistic the game is. I would like to see maybe adding a small replenishment after destroying a Enemy ship to give killing Enemies a purpose. Nicely done, I think I'm going to keep playing this for a while!

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Awesome game, reminds me of jump king but I fancy your game more. Found myself playing this game a lot longer than I intended. I love the art but I think the jumping noise can get repetitive. Maybe try randomly pitching the noise upon each jump!

Thats a fair point. The team and I will be working on Updates after the Game Jam winners are selected. Hopefully you’ll come back then!

Sorry to hear that, If you go to the shop, you can actually buy a water bucket.

Short but I found myself replaying this a couple of times trying to see what else I could discover! I would recommend maybe upping the rotation rate of the ship and maybe adding some enemies of some sort? Cool game and awesome concept!

Hi there me and my team just finished releasing Seeds Of The Universe!

Some of this would be our first game jam and for others our second!

Really pumped about this one and already playing some of other peoples games in here right now!

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Hello, I work as a Unity C# Programmer.  I have worked on projects such as a Flight Simulator, VR Aim trainer, IO game, 2.5D Platformer, Tower Defence Game (All of which I can show on Discord)  Here's a public game I recently programmed in 48 hours (I programmed AI, Pathfinding, Wave Manager ect...) 

My Discord: imtrash#9516