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5,5,5 awsome!

Awesome game!


your game was really cool! original idea, nice art and fitting for the theme. Did you by any chance use RPG maker MV to maker it? Checking out your game rn


5/5/5 just needs more leveeeels! great work dude! I've got plenty of downloads but only 4 ratings. What do u guys think of it please let me know! :)

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weird must be some bug. I tested it and didn't notice anything like that, happy u liked it!


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can reduce the head bob, but can't now since the game jam technically is still on for 6 days of voting.

5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars...

Awsome game! Actually replayed it a couple of times. Great game design.

Cool! Liked the mechanic where you control the knife, a bit hard to understand at first but I enjoyed playing it for a bit!

Removed, sorry for that... 

Thx. My bad about the linux-mac-support thing. Glad you liked it. Maybe I hid the emergency shutoff thing too well..

sorry for that, I beleived that I had Linux and mac build support already built-in in my unity project. Sorry.

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Sorry for that.. will change on wich platform it's says it's available

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Look carefully around all rooms... :) Glad u like it!