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I agree with most of this,however finding a mainland and abandoning your raft would defeat the main purpose of the game.

Currently, if you want to make a even room with a floor on top in raft, you frequently come across the problem of having to put 2 pillars together to make a full floor. This is purely for aesthetics, but I would like to see a way to put a pillar in the middle of 2 foundations/floors. This pillar would do the job of 2 pillars next to each other.

My trees were fully grown but I couldn't chop them down. I will try and get this on video.

I would like to see some automation in the game, so its less of a grind, and more of a, "Lets get to this point in the game by hard working, so we can make it easier by automation, and progress in the game quicker!" I feel at this point in this game's early stages, it gets to a point where farming resources for building just takes WAY too much time than it should. In the early points of the game, the progression system in the game is great, you have to manage between gathering resources, fighting off the shark, building your raft and gathering food and water. However, this sort of felling of making progress and trying to keep yourself alive sort of fades in late-game, which I also think comes quickly. Now, before everyone goes and hates on this post, it's not here to just criticise the game. Personally, I love the game! It has a great start and with the community providing these great suggestions, its really improving the game. So here are my suggestions.

1 - Automation

As I stated earlier in the post, I think some sort of automation in the game would really improve the game. Late game in Raft, it becomes quite a grind to gather resources to expand your raft, and other things like managing food and water and keeping the shark at bay seem like they're not even a task. Automation in the game would add a lot to the game, and make it less of a grind late-game and more of a means to find ways to make your raft better, with not so much restriction on resources needed to build it. I digress.

  • A funnel system, so resources can be deployed at one point, and moved to somewhere else on the raft, like a storage facility.
  • Chest sorting, So items can be easily sorted into categories of resources, food tools etc.
  • An automatic collection system, to put items caught in nets into chests.
  • An automatic cooking and boiling system, to collect food and water and cook them automatically.
  • An automatic item transfer system, so boats or carts could travel around the raft for easy access to items.

2 - Food and Water

Mid-Late game, food and water in Raft becomes irrelevant, players simply relying on coconuts to keep them alive. I feel that its a bit too easy, just relying on one plant, the palm tree for resources and food.

  • Nerf coconuts, either they need to give you less food when you consumes them, or they need to drop less, players shouldn't be allowed to survive on one food, and ignore all the other food types that are in the game. (Also possibly remove water consumption from coconuts)
  • Make other food options more reliable, we need another food source which is easy to get and reliable, so that other plants are grown in the game.
  • Don't allow one food type, make it so that constantly eating one food type would make you sick or something else that would deter players from only eating one food.

Thats pretty much it for my post. But just as a disclaimer, I don't intend this post to be "please add these into the game" rather a post to possibly take a few ideas from, but mainly to create new ideas for the game.

Bug 1: Standing on the Edge of a Foundation gives the Fatigue Bar

Sometimes when you stand on the edge of a foundation, it thinks your swimming and gives you the fatigue bar. I could see how going afk in this position accidentally could cause people to lose their game.

Bug 2: Can't chop down trees

Sometimes when chopping down trees, it doesn't give you the wood chopping effect or the items, and the tree doesn't fall down. I have found that even from approaching at different angles and on different trees, the bug persists. You just have to wait until you can again.