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This is very cool! :)

Ahh, I see, now. The "search" function with double "examine", from your lexaloffle post. 

This is also cool! The only problem I have with it is that the game doesn't really respond to "narrative progress". I mean, I find things out, but since nothing reacts, I am left a bit adrift. Is the win-state just about beating a dungeon?

I have one question about the controls - I have found a dude who told me I could borrow his vest. How do I actually accept, however? Or is his vest somewhere else? Same for the shotgun; I believe I have found the correct place, but I don't see the weapon or anything.

Anyway, I am enjoying this. Cheers! :)

Ok, final reply to myself (haha):

- are there unique weapons beyond the ones on the store? I think I've gone through every dungeon and nothing.

- The tower's exit seems to lead to a square surrounded by stones. Any hint as to what I'm missing?

I've since found out to press "f" to "flame torch". This is listed in the game commands, but not the manual! :(

That said, I am a bit lost. The dungeons, in first person, can be very disorienting, and there doesn't seem to be any boss or final loot to give a sense of closure? So I never know whether I've cleared them or I just missed a path somewhere (and they all look the same, so navigation is a bit hellish haha).

This is really cool!

A couple of questions:
1) how do I use torches? I have them in my inventory, but dungeons are always dark and I can't figure out how to lighten them.

2) do you know of other good games in this style? Preferably "modern" games, do avoid the worst of the aging process. (I will try your other game, Anteform, too).

Anyway, good work on this! Cheers.

Well, who are the good guys? (this is a personal peeve of mine haha most games are too cynical these days!) There's also a difference between a flawed character/faction and a flat-out contradictory one. But of course all this may come across very differently on a more fleshed out game.

I only found one Wrea-der log, the ones trapped inside the storage room. I could have replayed it, but didn't expect to find much more optional content with so little "main content". This is not a problem at all in a game jam game, though. You have a functional system in place already, I'll stay alert for where you take it in the future. 

Best of luck!

Cool! I was very surprised by the lack of content given how much there is to the mechanics (though this is very understandable for a jam gam). Looking forward to where you take this. Felt like a rustier Deus Ex.

Biggest piece of criticism I have is the dialogue - especially with the Resistance. I mean, I guess I get the "gritty, everyone is an asshole" aesthetic, but it's ridiculous when the "Resistance, who fight against the oppression of the people" address you in such an authoritarian way... I mean, the cure is obviously worse than the disease. 

Cool project, regardless!

Cool little game! 

Love the artstyle, simple though it is. Only wished the characters/village had a bit more to them.

I enjoyed it nonetheless, cool that you made it.

Could you maybe create an executable for this? I believe .yyz files are Game Maker 2 project files? (which I don't have!)

Cheers :)


I love this! Especially the music, the gamelan was unexpected but fits very nicely. I'll be waiting for the full release, even though visual novels aren't my cup of tea (pardon the pun...).

I really like the artstyle! And very unexpected, from what I had seen of your previous work. Very cool. :)

My biggest problem wasn't difficulty (high or low), but variety!

Yeah, I understand. I also take way too long to do work on any project and most features are left out! haha

Cheers :)

This is obviously a small experiment, but a handful of important points:

(1) give visual feedback when an arrow key is pressed and on the timing of the press when hitting a note

(2) the arrows shouldn't be partly transparent, that simply makes it harder to parse; also, darkening the "track" where the arrows come down would help, too

(3) gamepad support! These games are so much better when you have a kind of mirrored control (where the dpad and XYAB do the same thing), letting you use both hands in complex patterns (obviously not important in this game, but still)

Other than that, perhaps you should try the game Sequence (Before the Echo), which is a much fuller version of this; one of my favourite rhythm games.

A bit too simple, but nice nonetheless!

Just two things to say:

(1) the arrows are a bit difficult to distinguish, especially when they appear fast. You should probably make the head more prominent/salient, or perhaps use color coding.

(2) the first two tracks are rhythmically very boring. They are just quarter notes (except for the few at the end). Too uniform. You've done much better on the third song, adding pauses and eighth notes and so on, it would be better if the first tracks had some of that too.

Good job regardless!

Also very good! (played right after Cat of Mars)

My only suggestion would be to change the controls. It's kind of weird to have the horizontal arrows behave differently than the up arrow.

I think it would be better, perhaps, to work with the shoulder buttons/triggers to select one of the three "tracks", and then just use arrows or ABXY for the notes. 

Anyway, very cool little game!

This is really good, great job!

The arrows are a bit hard to parse, but it would probably be fine in a longer game.

You need to explain people how to play. I mean, I tried answering "a1" or "yes" or "no" to the first prompt (c3 asks to connect to a1), but all I get is "no answer".

This is extremely good! Great and unique visuals, fitting music and tight gameplay (only perhaps the "stomping" and "shooting" hands should have different xx coordinates since they can overlap and be difficult to parse). 

Great job!

This is so good! Some of the flowers look amazing.

Are they completely procedurally generated? Or smaller variation from a fixed pool of flowers?

Either way, great job!

I love the atmosphere - truly, being a ferry man with such a dramatic sky and bleak sea is inspiring!

I do think the game needs more "development". Beyond the handful of lines by each character, the game just plays the "same key" for 30 minutes, which gets very dull and kind of ruins the experience, to me.

Perhaps more thoughtful and dynamic music would help, as would writing (perhaps some poetry to keep in mind in relation to each character during the otherwise silent trips).

Also, just a nitpick - the crosshatching shader doesn't look great on the sky, probably because the colors are static, it ends up looking rather unnatural. Perhaps a noise filter would work better in this particular situation. It looks great on the remaining objects, though.

Either way, great job on this; the first couple of minutes alone are worth the remainder of the time!

I feel like it was too padded (both in the number of days and the numbers of times going up and down without anything happening; plus every night had essentially the same screams).

Other than that, I think this is quite good! I particularly enjoyed the writing, it did more than just point at Lovecraft and included some of his poetic quality.

The FOV was a bit too much, though I understand the purpose to create slight distortions (which became huge ones when close to the textures). Finally, perhaps some "heartbeat" pulsing to the moving textures would have fit a bit better, perhaps? And using texture displacement to create local contractions instead of simple translations would have been nicer, perhaps.

Still, it was quite good, good job!

I find the technique interesting, but probably not here? I mean, a single noise texture could probably do the same effect in low res and much faster. 

I do like how it looks in high res, though. And it's a nice experimenting regardless.

This looks amazing! 

I particularly like how the fog is green and the objects black. 

Only thing I'd point out is that the monster stops being scary after it passes you by twice without any threat!

But the sound design was also very well done. Obviously not much of a game, but the atmosphere it totally there, great job!

Not a fan of the 5th bracket puzzle, either. Had to check the notebook (bracket 3) to realize that a double duplicate does nothing.

The "evil eye" symbol was also impossible for me to understand from the first puzzle. I think there should have been at least one simpler puzzle, possibly two. In particular spoiler: this was the first symbol that had a "direction"  so not only did one have to interpret the symbol, but also this new confounding element.

Spoiler warning, struck through to prevent accidental reading, hopefully:  the problem was that it wasn't yet clear the implicit versus explicit operations had different priorities. But that's a complex lesson to learn in such a convoluted puzzle, in my opinion. I think (at least) an extra puzzle to reinforce this would have been great! Especially since the "order of operations" was a handful of puzzles in the past and thus no longer fresh in my mind.

There were also lessons about the yin-yang sign itself in the mix. Again, I think it was too much.

Ok, the first puzzle to fill the whole grid (don't know the number) is a bit too much. I think it depends on too many new inferences. A multipart puzzle like this doesn't give enough feedback and is a big difference from what comes before in a way that doesn't feel very good.

This is so good! The only problem I see is that it is too easy to get stuck with a single line of puzzles. It would be nice to have several puzzles to try to solve at once, to solve some ambiguity (or merely shuffle the brain a bit).

No worries.

I think any different control scheme will be unintuitive. All you need, I think, is to give people enough time to get used to it, preferably without pausing every 5 seconds to look up the moves!

Regarding the analog stick: you're probably right, since you've tried it. Either way, it shouldn't hurt to implement it and give people the option? (not sure how much work this is, maybe it's simply not worth the trouble). But the button presses may also become easier with more use, so no pressure there.

Haha yeah, I meant the perfect strike.

I definitely think the biggest problem is feedback. Once the player knows what's going wrong, it's easier to correct.

Will do, good luck!

Hello. Seems really cool, so far, but I think you should work on the controls as soon as possible!

Since the controls are so unfamiliar, you should probably give the option to keep the moves on the screen.

There should also be better feedback on the input - I never succeeded in the special "snake strike" and I have no idea if my button press is too early, too late, if it is registering at all.

Finally, since the movement is based on "motions", perhaps using the analog stick on the right would be better. Pressing a sequence of buttons on a gamepad is very different in each direction and the analog would maybe help.

These are criticisms quite apart from the game's quality. It's just that there should be a smoother way to get used to the controls!

Good job so far! Cheers. :)

Haha I can understand your point about the music. It is tied to the state of the puzzle, so it gets more consonant as you solve the puzzle - but it is completely dissonant at the beginning.

I also agree about the game not being much. It was almost a "remix" of infinity loop, if you will. I still like the final result, but it's definitely not a well rounded game at all!

Cheers. :)


I have to say - the early puzzles are much better. Their single solution was much harder to find. The larger levels were a bit too easy.

Seems like a good candidate to try computer generated puzzles - a SAT solver could probably give you solution fairly quickly, so you could select puzzles with fewer solutions, etc.

Anyway, I really like the game, well done!

This is very good!

Beautiful sky! I'm amazed with how the colors change, in both the sea and the sky. I really like the detail in the clouds, only caught that later.

Only have 2 negative things to say (hope it is constructive):

(1) I think the lighthouse's light is a big problem. It doesn't look very good (too strong), and seems such as important effect to nail, since it is towards the "end" of the game (assuming people will play through once to see everything). Sticks out a lot in an otherwise great looking place.

(2) I think you should relocate the upper door of the light-house, or adjust the music? I like the build-up, but it would be much better if the "climax" happened when the player looked through the door at the world. As it is, it happens when he reaches the top of the staircase, but only looking at a wall.

Very nice job overall, though. I'm still opening the game just to look at the sky every now and then! Good luck in future projects. :)

hope it helps!

(2 edits)

Hey, I got stuck in a spiraling staircase (I suppose near the end?). You should be more careful when placing those things, or at least have a back-up plan (like a key that resets your position? local checkpoint system or something) for when these things lack polish. 

Also, the world outside should have a directional light consistent with the skybox, I think. And lighting in general should be better, since I mostly see black walls.

Finally, you should either make movement more fun (whatever that means in the context of the game), or give the player a lot more to look at while walking. Almost every game of yours I've played (haven't played Brutalism Prelude yet) seems to rely on several minutes of holding W+Shift to go forward with nothing interesting going on.

These are my impressions, anyway. I like what you're trying to do, I just feel that there are several issues distracting me from the core. 

Good luck with the future projects, though, looking forward to them. :)

P.S.: Getting a bit of air and vegetation felt good.

Curious about it. Or whether it's just a bunch of random "cool looking" structures placed randomly.

Anyway, I like the style! I'd add something regarding the controls and the time is takes to traverse from one place to another with absolutely nothing in between (it gets uncomfortable to just hold W and Shift for several minutes). 

I like what you're doing with the huge structures anyway, good work. :)