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I've since found out to press "f" to "flame torch". This is listed in the game commands, but not the manual! :(

That said, I am a bit lost. The dungeons, in first person, can be very disorienting, and there doesn't seem to be any boss or final loot to give a sense of closure? So I never know whether I've cleared them or I just missed a path somewhere (and they all look the same, so navigation is a bit hellish haha).

Ok, final reply to myself (haha):

- are there unique weapons beyond the ones on the store? I think I've gone through every dungeon and nothing.

- The tower's exit seems to lead to a square surrounded by stones. Any hint as to what I'm missing?

Yes, in Minima there is one weapon available that's better than anything you can get in the store. You'll have to talk with folks to get info on it and where to find it.

There's a switch that you passed earlier that you need to find. I believe there's also a clue about this that someone has someplace, but I confess it's been awhile so I don't recall where.

Oops, Sorry about that. I'd better try and get that fixed... Somehow you're the first one who's ever run into that (or at least reported it to me).

Yeah, this is true to the spirit of these games in the past. There are also severe technical issues preventing the addition of such things. Minima and Anteform both use pretty much all the resources available to them in the PICO-8 environment. Generally I can't even change existing strings too much let alone add navigation. By design though they're actually pretty easy to map on graph paper as they're all deliberately very regular. Basically it's a matter of coloring in blocks versus leaving them blank, and floor sizes match.

With both games there's really only one dungeon or tower that's absolutely required, and when you finish that one you'll know it. The other ones can be pretty good ways to build up experience and gain gold, though.