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Oh, yeah! Absolutely!

Oh, if I made an ebook with the same pages, would that help?

I will have to transcribe it to a doc. But it will eventually happen as I develop this further. A supplement for it is going to be released next week.

Thank you very much! I am quite proud of this little game! I hope I get to develop it further!

I would say so. But this is the Micro Edition, so it’s up to the Referee. Common sense should prevail though. :)

Thank you for coming here and making things clearer. I admit I was not aware there was a OSR BROS group or something. I may have overreacted. I am sorry. But it was kinda confusing.

I am glad it’s over now. We need more loving. ❤️

I totally agree with this. A PDF where you cannot search for things and there are not Bookmarks is really missing something...

Not guaranteeing delivery means what exactly? It it doesn’t arrive, that’s it? Tough luck? No replacement, no refund?

The idea is to set up the block tower like a tower in Jenga. Just set it up as you would set up a Block Tower.

Buy Traditional Garden Games Garden Tumbling Tower | Lawn ...

Do you ship to Brazil? How much that would be? Same as Australia?