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You could.  boons are kinda like krits but with a bit more versatility and can do a lot of stuff and happen side by side with other effects of the test, including setbacks.

I would very much like that! There’s a lot going on for Primal Quest behind the veil, but  it’s annoyingly taking a lot of work to finish stuff!

Collaborations would be amazing. I had an idea for a Mothership/Primal Quest module with xeno-trex creature. 

Me too. It has helped me immensely. It’s great for anxiety:)

Thank you for checking them out!  ❤️

That's a great idea... I wanted to give a better graphic treatment of this in the future. I am preparing another Solo Journaling RPG with wayyy more tools and details. Let's see how that goes!

Happy you had fun with it!

I can’t dedicate the time right now for a printer friendly version, but I can make a plain text version available. Would that help?

Checked that. Yeah, we are fixing it and a few more typos to get ready for printing...

It's written and it's on editing. Cover is being done by Nicolás Giacondino.
You can check the draft text here:

Thank you very much. I have to say I am very pleased with it. Very simple yet can do many things and is very versatile. Easy to play but can take a while to explore everything, and the possibilities are endless. :)

noted! I think we fixed it!

sorry for the delayed reply. This is a game best played with 3 or more people.  But we are making a supplement for Solo play as well!

It will be released as a hard back with a awesome screen with more art by Exalted Funeral in a few months!

Got some done. I released this earlier than planned to try to offset some unexpected financial problems. Sorry.

This is so cool! I love laser and feelings!

Very cool! I want to try using it using some Story Cubes to make up stuff as I go!

Hey! That was quick! I loved that! Primal Belief is amazing! Makes me wonder if we can get that printed somehow!

this sounds incredibly useful and I hope you do! Let us know if we can help with anything!

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that’s a good idea… Will do that ASAP!

hey! I would certainly love to work with music for the game! We could do a small Hexcrawl with a small soundtrack for it! I don’t know if I would have time for this Jam, but maybe a small thing with a song.

Unlikely, but who knows. I plan on adapting it to More Borg, DCC RPG, maybe 5e? But would hire people to do so.

Thanks a lot for the deep review of the game! Would love to see your impressions after a few games!

Please let me know if you do. I REALLY want to make a page called CAVE WALL with the pictures of many people's group drawings at the end of adventures! 

I have plans for articles that are kind of a mix. Monsters with a section of "items you can take out of this monster - like making a shield with a mammoths skull). Could be a fun idea to run with.

that would be great! Have you seen the introductory adventure? That’s a good reference I would say. Make it easy to run, with various paths and interesting ways to use the Tags and ways to affect characters with the environment, items, and creatures! Your stuff is awesome so I am excited!

Nice, kinda of a Lost World kind of setting?

I want to though. Can I?

Nice, thanks for  suggesting these! Would you mind if I put those up int the Jam page and credit you as the referrer?


I am adding more Cave Painting packs to the Jam as we go, but what are other resources creators can use?

Do you have links to your favorite FONTS site? A place where you look for patterns? Textures? Public domain art? Templates?

absolutely! Print run is coming through Exalted Funeral in a few weeks!

OMG! That would be fantastic! What an honor! Thanks a lot for being interest in creating for this game!

I came up just thinking about cool ways to play with d6 and made Sword Quest for a one page RPG Jam and expanded it with Primal Quest! Quite proud of this one. I think it’s the best system I’ve made until today.

That's fantastic. I am reading it and seeing a lot of potential! Very cool!

Nice! That was quick! Yeah. If I can I will produce a few things.

Hey! Great to have you here!

Excited to see what you make and put available! Next week I will release a new pack too!

Yey! Sounds exciting! I can’t wait! Thank you for joining the jam!!! 

Wohoo! Awesome! Thanks so much for taking part in this! Anxious to see what you make with it!

Very cool! I had some ideas to tackle that eventually! Excited to see what you make with it!

Hello fellow cave people!

Welcome to the first of many (I hope) Primal Jam, a Game Jam in which we create for Primal Quest - Weird Stone & Sorcery Adventure Game!

The Jam page has some important info and a section with some resources people can use. Hopefully I will add more as I make or I find more (feel free to suggest something).

But let’s talk about us! You!

Who are you? What do you do? And what do you want to make for Primal Jam 2022?

Hey, I am sorry! I don’t have a Patreon anymore. I couldn’t make it work when I tried the first time. I will try again someday. Sorry if I still left links somewhere.