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More Resources for Your Creations - Let's Share!

A topic by Diogo Nogueira - Old Skull Publishing created May 08, 2022 Views: 166 Replies: 6
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I am adding more Cave Painting packs to the Jam as we go, but what are other resources creators can use?

Do you have links to your favorite FONTS site? A place where you look for patterns? Textures? Public domain art? Templates?


a ton of usefuls plash art and textures, some of it just requires attribution

A russian fonts resource that I personally like, can be used for english as well.

Another fonts site, now in english

Public domain art? just google any engravings of 19 century or earlier and remove a watermark if there is one, they are public domain anyway. Or find something on with attribution


Nice, thanks for  suggesting these! Would you mind if I put those up int the Jam page and credit you as the referrer?


Do whatever, I won't mind even if you don't mention me


I want to though. Can I?



Which fonts do you use in the original text?