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I love the style and mechanics! Lots of fun

THe design is absolutely beautiful!

To whom it may concern,
From behalf of business megacorporation, we would like to express immense gratitude for your thorough gameplay and review. We indeed appreciate your act of generocity.

Stock mcBusinessman

Beautiful work!!

Yes, but I assumed first it is intended.

Hi! I love the animations and the concept! It feels very fun! The only issue is it is hard to find your location and where you haven't been. Something like map or narration may help the design!

Hi! I found a glitch where sometimes treasures would not load! Aside from this, the mechanics are super fun!

Fun and simple gameplay, super hilarious concept

I enjoy the character design and humor of the game. The only advise I may have is to not stretch the monster parts or add thighs/shoulders so that body parts can remain identifiable in gameplay. Aside from this, it's super fun!

the visuals are very cute!

Slava Ukraini!! <3

I loved the idea of the game as well as the visuals!!

hilarious and involving game, I really love color change option

Super cute strategy game!! THough, I'm still confused how to use any buildings aside of walls and barracs

The game is amazing! Though, I would balance it slightly better. Slava Ukraini!!

There is a regulated number of fortunes, and a code randomly picks one from list.

I got the message "Zip contains the file that is too large". The file size is 250 MB. File size maximum allowance is 1Gb. Moderators don't respond to the email. What shall I do?


Love all those different possible interactions between different tiles and uncertainty on which tile set you get next. If only the map was a little bigger...

Very interesting exploration platformer that forces on-the-spot thinking. Didn't get what the gremlin does, but it (probably) didn't impact my play experience.

A cute game that enforces strategic thinking. Played it instead of studying, but the game is worth every failed class.
Couldn't manage to get further level with two hammer beetles and  shield one, will try again a bit later.

Played this game since 13, an amazing project to have fun and explore biology and AI. It would be cool to add some kind of dimensionality, but all-in-all the game is super fun.

Funny and amazing brings those positive vibes. Want to make contest with my friends on this game!!

Hilarious project and cute art style! Are there any recommendations on lvl 3?

Amazing project with amazing art. Page swiping adds book this sense of preciousness, and the pumpkin search idea gives the game this exploration momentum. Amazing collaboration!

It's so hilarious! Concept is very interesting, and the style is super cute. Though, it's a bit tough to play this game alone :^