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Thank you for playing it!

Thank you very much for all your comments and feedbacks! We are so glad you liked our game. We tried to fix as much bugs as we can but they are still some we couldn't reproduce... However because it was a small school project and we all do something else now, there will be no further updates in the future. But all your feedbacks will be absolutely helpful for our futur projects, so thank you so much for taking the time to post them!

Also, we are in love with all your Let's Play, a huge thanks to all the players ♥ 

See you soon!

Do you have a proper internet connection? Because it's on browser, even if your setup is awesome the game will not run properly if internet doesn't follow (I know, i'm pretty obvious here). Otherwise I don't know, the game was working on every (pretty good) PC we tried... 

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Well because it's a game about a guy who enter the Gods' domain which he usually souldn't cross, it would be highly metaphoric that we can't see him... But no, it's a bug, I'm really sorry. We didn't find how to reproduce it to fix it... Plus that's a shame you couldn't see Heraclos, he's an handsome man. 

One of the designer wanted a flying GodMode but because we ran out of time we just made a discount flying-jump... No, i'm kidding. We are aware that the jump is weird, several people noticed it. It's a bit better with a gamepad but it's something to fix anyway. Thank you for your comments, it's helpful!

These Let's Play make us SO HAPPY!! Really, we are all smiling from ear to ear when we are watching those! So thank you very much ♥

Yeah it's a feeling shared by several people... It's a bit better when you play with a gamepad instead of a keyboard/mouse but that's for sure something to improve anyway. Thank you for your feedback!

It's ok, we are aware that it's not a conventional scenario :) Glad you like the graphics tho!

Hi Shenawy, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to do this huge review! To be honest we planned some of your points during the game conception but we finally ran out of time to do all our list. Some others are forced by the technology we used (WebGL and not Unity). But most of your comments are really interesting! None of us has a game designer training so it's fascinating to have professional feedbacks. We won't improve Heraclos further because it was a school project and we all do other things now, but all your comments will be definitely useful for our futur projects! So thank you very very much for detailing all of this!

Merci Koopadus ! Je ne pense pas que nous le mettrons à disposition en téléchargement, le défi pour nous était avant tout de faire un jeu en WebGL jouable entièrement sur navigateur... Et puis il est vraiment court, pas sûr que ça vaille le coup de l'installer sur son ordi !

Yeah it was the plan at the beginning (Ending levels bosses whom have to be defeated combining your powers) buuut... We didn't have time to develop this part. However, we are very happy that you like our game, thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for your nice feedback ! 

Thanks ! :D

Hi ! What is your browser and his version ? :)

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Wow, thank you for this feedback. We  are so happy to hear this about our game! Thanks a lot for your video too ♥

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Thank you a lot for your comment and the video gameplay ♥

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Did you wake up this morning with the irresistible desire to fulfil a quest? Well, neither did Heraclos. Help him to survive and accomplish his destiny. Explore the gods’ domain while using their powers. And climb the sacred mountain to become a true hero.

Heraclos is an adventure video game made in WebGL. Our final project at Gobelins school of Image.

Made by :  Maud Butin, Alexandre Delalleau, Lovis Odin, Patrick Heng and Fabien Motte.

Link to page :

In-game screenshots : 


Thanks a lot !