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Sorry, as stated this entire thing was thrown together in a bit of a rush.

Goblins gain 1 challenge for each roll that comes up 1. Failures with no 1s generate no challenges. It is possible to succeed and still gain challenges.

A fun little no-prep single-session game about a wizard heist. The best kind of heist!

That's right, I'm stealing my own quote. Take that me.

An absolute must add-on for any cyberpunk game that's too cowardly to let you mount a laser sight on your character's penis. 

A fun little game that definitely lends itself to some very wacky scenarios. 

A very thorough and unique setting that really focuses on the effects that continual rain would have on a city, but also goes beyond that. 

Everyone's favorite little hackable game. So simple that anyone can shape it into whatever they want it to be.

This is a ridiculously high-quality tome of fantasy fungi. A very odd thing, but one I am very glad to own.

A cute little game about fairies with interesting card-based mechanics.

A good adaptation of the Wizarding World into a PbtA game.

A fun quick game. However, it is one where the enjoyment you get out of it is going to depend on how much you put into it. I recommend putting a lot into it.

It's about cats with superpowers. What else do you need to know?

Simple fun game with a very unique setting.

Thanks 👍

A very interesting game that pushes the boundaries of what a role-playing game can be, and also the sorts of things you can do with your friends and a glittery dildo.

Could you please upload the document as a PDF? The .pages format is inconvenient to open on a non-Apple system, to say the least.

Super cute game with a very unique concept. Definitely a fun one to take a look at.

Oddly enough, before finding this jam I randomly stumbled upon a manuscript for a game that I started in 2015, got like 90% finished, then just kinda forgot about.

It's about fish, with a specific focus on collaborative worldbuilding. I might try to revise the rules to make it GM-less.

Bloody Shillelagh is a rules-lite RPG zine where you can take on the role of manacle leprechauns causing a little mischief on Saint Patrick's Day, the one day of the year that they can cross into our world from the Fae Realm. Of course for leprechauns “mischief ” could mean anything from playing particularly cruel pranks to cold-blooded murder. All you need is some friends, six-sided dice, and a desire to get into various forms of leprechaun shenanigans.

Get it here

Unfortunately that would be an issue with the engine that I cannot fix.

Are you playing on mobile? That's the only time I've encountered it.