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add an easier reset after the game over state.

I like the feel here, but I wonder if maybe the narrative pieces would be more effectively dropped in between waves of enemies, rather than all at the beginning. Sort of like the internal narrative of the pilot realizing these things as they blow up more and more enemies?

good additions to the shmup tutorial, would be nice if the pickup items were tracked/did something in gameplay- additional score, weapon upgrade, restore health, etc. Also, maybe making them drops from enemies you destroy rather than randomly generated? Fun game, though.

intensely hard to "drop the bass" so to speak, since it's constant. I do like this concept of destroying the music, and think it could be interestingly applied with moving enemies, more variation in the track, etc.

yeah, disco ball ftw. with the player movement was a little faster/smoother, but it adds challenge. Perhaps the player could "earn" the disco ball/effects by increasing score? seems linked to time right now.

I'm so excited to see where you go with this- shmup or not, I think you've started some great work here.

lots of pixel polish here, and a really interesting mechanic with loads of potential. something about the CLAW typography and the way the ships don't shoot you automatically makes me feel like I'm a super powerful villain (as opposed to lone hero), which is also cool, and could be built into a narrative.

Love the foundation here- cool particles/screen shake, and the "flip ship" mechanic has potential to turn into something really interesting, although currently it doesn't feel like there's a meaningful trade off, as the blue side is pretty amazing. I imagine the end goal would be to have the red shot be more powerful/explosive?

I died many times, but love the timing as the challenge curve feels spot on. Might be nice if Z didn't reset unless the game had ended, as I accidentally reset progress a few times. Also, love the trees growing back at the end.

Great take on the theme, challenging and fun.

Join the club, dude

outstanding art, especially the giant fruit salad.

A cornucopia of solid fruit and veggie jokes, plus an adventure to create the worlds greatest food? yes.

I love the start, the dialog is funny, but I get pretty stuck once I'm in the purple zone. and there's a broccoli following me?

outstanding. the depth of the art, the idea around the keypad, all of it turned out excellent.

I love the ending decision presentation when faced with the angler guardian- and each of your ocean areas has such a good, unique vibe!

Dude, this is such an achievement- the number of rooms and art you built is great, and the "abstractinator" idea to move through the body was a brilliant concept. Funny copywriting, too. 

it gets a little tedious to run back and forth for tools, but that's the nature of adventure games, I think. great work.

I liked the sandwich making (and the use of multiple scenes to highlight ingredients helped guide me along), but I LOVED the dream sequence work at the end

I love the feeling of walking through the town, and then returning at sunset. Great atmosphere. Also, the maze stuff felt properly disorienting. I felt a little unsatisfied with the resolution, though. WHAT WAS THE PLANT?!

I love the color work on the different worlds, but I couldn't figure out how to get to the bar? I just end up at the mansion, and confront the blueberries. Still good vibes, though.

I love the color work on the different worlds, but I couldn't figure out how to get to the bar? I just end up at the mansion, and confront the blueberries. Still good vibes, though.

Love the step by step animations/overhead visual work!

For anyone looking for a comprehensive list of hacks and fun techniques in Bitsy, this is a pretty good round up:

Also, if you've developed some of your own, share them here.

I'll host the next jam we do on itch and let you know!

Tiny Games is running again and I came back to play this again- it's so great!