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Thanks! Much appreciated XD

Hello friends!

It's been a while since I've released anything on here. Game development for a single person was such a big undertaking that I shied away from doing more due to how much of my life I had to put aside for it. However, the urge to create and tell more scary stories has never left me. Over time I thought about different outlets I can use to express myself, today I want to share with you my new venture: I've made a horror animation Youtube channel! If you enjoyed my games then I'm sure you'd be very intrigued to see what I've been cooking ever since. Please take a look at my new channel Midnight Station and support me with the usual likes, comments, subscribe  blah blah blah! I hope you enjoy the creations I make there!

Thanks for the nice feedback. Glad you're getting a kick out of it for this Halloween XD

Send me an email at and I'll send you a key

Aha. I'll ask a friend of mine who has a Mac to try out the file and see if it works. The Steam library only has a Windows version at this time, since Apple needs to test the product before they allow the game to be available. I hope I can get the Mac version on there for December though, so I'll be sure to message you a key.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. Are you running the latest OS for Mac? The Steam version uses the same file so that won't help. I'll look into this some more and will keep you informed if I can get you a version that you can open. 

Hi MariCore, thanks for bringing this to my attention. As far as I know, I don't have much control over the look of the UI for the box you are referring to. I will take a look at the backlog UI as well.

Hi, message me privately with your key and I can get you a replacement one. Some of the unclaimed keys were deactivated cause one of my bundle partner hasn’t paid me for bundle sales.

Thank you for the nice comment :D Glad you liked it. I'm plugging away at the full thing, the frustrating thing is having to find the time outside of this thing called work :p Comments like yours gives me a little more fuel to push this out and I cant wait to show everyone the finished thing

It seems that the Mac exports dont' work for some reason. I think its an issue with the software I use. I'll try a new export when they release an updated version

Hiya, I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed it. I'm going to try not to keep you waiting for a year. Right now I'm taking a little break after churning this out. I'd expect it to take a few months to complete :D

Awesome! I really enjoyed your playthrough :D

Awesome! Thanks for the article, I enjoyed reading it. Now I feel nervous to live up to expectations, but I'm sure you'll enjoy what's being cooked up.

Cool playthrough! Thanks for playing XD

Heya, good to see you on here. I'm looking forward for people to see the rest of the story XD The lip syncing isn't meant to be on all the time, but sometimes I did notice it didn't trigger when it should have for some reason. I'll have a look at what's causing this though.

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm suddenly fearful the conclusion doesn't live up to the build up, but I think its just me feeling a bit of impostor syndrome. I hope the conclusion will excite you.

Thanks GDFE! I cant wait for people to play the full thing, the positive response makes me want to get it out sooner, either way I'll release it only when its ready :D

I have released the Junji Ito inspired horror VN I made for Nanoreno 2018 gamejam. Hope you like it :D

Hey Jaydeb! Hmmm... tough to say... I'd say for sure this year, within the next few months hopefully.

Hope you like the game so far. I'm curious as to where you think the story will go from here. What do you think will happen next?

My first review! I'm glad you liked it :D

Hi Bright Visions!

Thanks for the interest :D I believe a Paypal option is now set up and available!

Hi guys, I'm Ben and this is my first visual novel I'm making. I'm a professional concept artist who's been working on other people's projects for 8 years and finally decided to make something for my own. 

Set in Salem, 1692, at the height of witch hysteria, a family is found murdered in their home ans suspicion quickly falls to something supernatural behind it all. This is a murder mystery where you will investigate the crime and sieve through the evidence the witnesses provide, deduct an outcome and piece together the bigger picture. There are multiple characters that you can accuse of the crime and will need to be thorough to connect all the evidence together.

Link to Game Page

Ah I see. Thanks guys. I was getting worried when I saw some games that were published after mine were showing up.


I've just published a game a few hours ago. Received an email saying its now online but its not showing up in any searches.

Anyone know what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance