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Digital Daydream

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Impressively well-written, every line is so informative so efficiently in a quaint old-timey dialect, the heavy topic is carefully balanced and accentuated by much-appreciated humour that always hits and is very endearing to characters that are already very likeable and whose roles are a great, varied portrayal of pretty much every type of person that could be in this situation and really do feel like their own individual with thought processes that are well-founded. Elfriede is a lovely, silly yet smart protagonist and a breath of fresh air in the otome genre, or any media for that matter. Revolving the story around the instigator to the south is also a refreshing way of handling a topic many are familiar with. Uniquely charming and thoughtfully crafted.

The deluxe preorder displays now, thank you. I knew I was right to not give up on you guys, even though you're enduring an especially gruelling development hell. Hopefully everything will work out with getting a new writer for Guillam. If it doesn't I'll settle for his CGs with zero context. Yes, I am that thirsty for him. :P I actually prefer Yuuya's personality though so I'm sure I'll love the game whether I get to faceplant Guillam's mad pecs or not.

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I tried checking through all the official marketing and updates to provide evidence it was changed to Steam-exclusive but couldn't find any, though I swore I had read something officially saying that... I'm not the type of person to say something like that without solid confirmation, maybe I got mixed up with another game...? Sorry, this is very unlike me. This site says we have access to the files from here (or, y'know, at least the Standard Edition... hopefully that'll get sorted or we'll be able to add the mysterious extra $2 to the original price of the Special Edition we already paid for), so I must be wrong.

This game is definitely in development hell but I still have complete faith in Team Precatio. It'll take a long time but I'm willing to wait. As long as we do get it, someday, to at least the same standard of quality as the demo, I'll be happy. In the meantime I can stare at Guillam's mad pecs.

EDIT: Ahhh, I went through all those pages of updates and all I had to do was scroll down a little on this page... h-hahaha, sorry, here it is, in fact they told you directly themselves, I guess we both forgot.

I have the same problem as Violette. Censored my email, so it should be fine to post here.

I guess it should be fine since the full game will be Steam-exclusive (which I prefer anyway), but I'm the type to worry endlessly about every little thing, sorry just wanna make sure I cover all my bases.