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The deluxe preorder displays now, thank you. I knew I was right to not give up on you guys, even though you're enduring an especially gruelling development hell. Hopefully everything will work out with getting a new writer for Guillam. If it doesn't I'll settle for his CGs with zero context. Yes, I am that thirsty for him. :P I actually prefer Yuuya's personality though so I'm sure I'll love the game whether I get to faceplant Guillam's mad pecs or not.

Hi Princess Sakura,

Thank you so much for your continued support! I understand that it's been close to two years since we opened up itch preorders and things just keep going wrong especially with Guillam's route, so I'm really happy to know that you're there to root for us T_T

Sorry for letting you down multiple times, but I really hope that our final product will make up for your wait somehow!