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So hows the project coming along? I've noticed that there are 18 entry points missing when trying to open the program demo. could it just be a bad EXE file? CRC hash is 9F046FE2

Now for a question, are you going to have any αlpha or βeta testers?

I TOLD you this game has a future. Now to keep it Arise...

I don't know how you'd be able to do that but cool, thank you


Yeah. Arlene also said "Things didn't get weird between us I hope. After...you know?" I'm sickened... but curious.

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In short: It's as if the program doesn't realize that you have changed the window size / dimensions; therefor, it doesn't move or resize any of the models, the text, or the background images correctly back to where they're supposed to be.

if it helps, this is the file's HASH-

MD5: 2C198C4CDAA61982F5B79610194C1A11

SHA-1: 0DE1C79A63B125A4BE6ADD13FB6E672E4D48DD08

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I strongly thank you for clearing that up, It was honestly needed in case someone else stumbled upon the other animations; the resemblance is still uncomfortably close. Profit?

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JESUS. This game is the continuation of a rather clumsily made and designed fury porno film (trailers for proof here #1 & #2 ) correct me, please dear god, If I'm wrong.

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Word to the wise: going full screen is a Bad idea; everything breaks. also, still can't boop anyone. still a good demo

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woah. That's big news if that's true. what's your start profit goal?

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really enjoying the new demo! I've noticed that you can't order food after meeting Arlene but it's the end of the demo so I don't care...

But, what I don't understand is, both Arlene & Autumn have an animation to "draw your attention" two questions for the future: why are they randomly doing it and why isn't May getting territorial about it, at least looking at them funny or even having the look of "wtf are you doing Arlene you slut" would be interesting, Lel. Also congrats on development, I see a solid future for this!

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Well I'll be... There's your banner for ya!

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You make it, We'll buy it.

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I hope more people have been supporting this.

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I'm glad this game got some attention drawn to it. I hope there's more to do than just the dating sim as well. No game has anything after the dating part is over and many gamers wish there was a little more after that.

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two questions then; will you be able to pick your characters "look" or gender? Also, is May only going to have that one outfit?

So there'll be no cut-scenes of May and the player? Or are you making it so you just can't see the player in cut-scenes?

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That's a lot to put on one man but it would be nice to have such a dating sim with that level of detail, might I add. Maybe it would be feasible if he had more than just himself to work on this? #donate_to_this_game

I understand and I like your thinking; I don't know how to draw support to you yet so I'll just keep donating.......#Donate_to_this_game

Good idea there. Just protect the "illusion of choice". Every game developer has to make or fake it or else the player will feel controlled no matter the game. Undertale and the certain Telltale games are both good story-driven examples that I can think of because they'll almost always have the same ending. Here's a link to better explain it for everyone........#donate_to_this_game

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You know something that would really make this game interesting and/or would pull even more people to play it? If you added some depth of detail to the game; as in the text saying just little things going on around you? Maybe alternate endings of sort? Or, if you had something going on in the background, such as little Snippets of some story going on, that could make it Much more interesting to some.

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Correct me if I'm wrong... but from the looks of it, this is more of a pre-alpha type of thing, but I was told that he was putting a lot more into this. a kick-starter would be nice; right now, however, all we have is his PayPal account which is "matthew@deathonfrontier.com" if you don't believe me, just look down 17 comments/ replies.

I second this!

And with that, I sent you a test donation.

I would buy this game IF: it weren't a demo, the graphics were a little bit better, the character had a few more poses and/or a bit longer idle loops. the music could be a bit crisper but other than that... you'd have a good game from the looks of it my friend! someone kick-start this.