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You know something that would really make this game interesting and/or would pull even more people to play it? If you added some depth of detail to the game; as in the text saying just little things going on around you? Maybe alternate endings of sort? Or, if you had something going on in the background, such as little Snippets of some story going on, that could make it Much more interesting to some.


I've never personally liked that sorta thing. That's a very "visual novel" thing to do I suppose but I'm going to try the "show, don't tell" approach more often then not.. That's also the reason the protagonist is completely silent unless there's a dialog option to choose.

I'm gonna try to have a lot of interaction and background details that change such as weather, kind of like how I have the time of day right now.

Good idea there. Just protect the "illusion of choice". Every game developer has to make or fake it or else the player will feel controlled no matter the game. Undertale and the certain Telltale games are both good story-driven examples that I can think of because they'll almost always have the same ending. Here's a link to better explain it for everyone........#donate_to_this_game


For a full on game I have a plan to manage this sort of thing, but there will be somewhat pre-determined stories since a computer couldn't exactly write a compelling narrative. Those stories might have certain dialogue added depending on player choices to give the illusion that it's totally dynamic.

Bad Example: "Remember when we were "insert place here" and we had that conversation about "insert thing here?" It was "insert weather" that day, I felt "insert emotion here."

Meanwhile, the main story is somewhat on branching rails Telltale style with the side content being actual dynamic social simulations.

Whoa, you donated again? Thanks again!

If I decide to do crowdfunding I'll make sure you get the appropriate reward tiers with no extra contribution necessary.

I don't know how you'd be able to do that but cool, thank you

I understand and I like your thinking; I don't know how to draw support to you yet so I'll just keep donating.......#Donate_to_this_game


I've already got way more support then I was expecting. This was mainly just a pitch game to get people on board for a bigger game after all.

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