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Not really. In fact it's probably more like the other way around considering How This All Happened isn't exactly deep.


Sorry for this issue, I'm uploading a new fix tonight. Using the launcher will download updates as small patches; or you can reinstall.

Posting here to make sure it's seen: people who bought the game through a browser, please re-download to get updates, or get the launcher and downliad it through that. Using the launcher will download small patches for the game, I highly recommend it.

Thank you for taking the time to give me this input. I've been extremely lucky to get detailed input like this from folks who'd like to see the game improved upon. I'll be giving the game a substantial overhaul based on a lot of the input I've received.

I'm afraid there is no dude kissing.

Thank you. I'm working on the bugs right now, but I'm away from home and my laptop is having issues compiling the game. Please look forward to a more stable version, and more content coming soon!

Could you give me details?  What OS are you running?

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I'll look into this, thanks!

Edit: I haven't found any issues, same demo can be found here though.

I set up another Kickstarter which was funded and the game is progressing nicely. We might not make a 2018 release date, but it will come out.

Thanks, I'm gonna try to put together a similar machine for testing. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this.

Could you tell me what OS and what hardware your computer is running? I want to try and recreate the issue so I can fix it.

Also, try clicking the video files in the main folder. Do they play ok?

Oh whoops, deleted the link. I just posted the first result on Google.

I re-uploaded the demo, you can give that a try. You could also try the Steam version.

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I downloaded and checked for the error myself on a different PC but couldn't reproduce it. Sounds like the video that plays at that point is causing you a problem. Was there an error message?

I'm re-uploading the demo just in case.

It'll probably be in the ballpark of $19.99.

There won't be a public beta, the next release will be the full game.

Long time no see! The full game is coming along great! The main systems have all been finished and I'll be finishing up the assets pretty soon. After that I'm on to animation and implementing all the story stuff.

I'll upload the newest demo code now and see if that fixes it.

The demo is also available on Steam which auto-updates if I change anything:

Nah, it's cool. September 2018 is the plan.

A lot of work to be done though.

The hardcore stuff you're seeing is from a previous project called How This All Happened. Some of the characters return in this.

Sorry to hear that. That music isn't in the game any more. 

There's not much there, I'm kinda just making assets and scripts I'll need right now so I can quickly put it together when the time comes.

The demo should be out within two months for Windows.

No official release date planned, it'll probably be here and a few other sites.

Demo will be sometime this spring and the full game will hopefully before the year is out.

Nope, she's just not in the demo is all. She'll be in the full game and the next demo.

For sure. Once it's in a pretty final state I'll need to have some people run through it and be on the lookout for bugs before I release it for real.

Can you post a picture and your PC's specs maybe? I'll see what I can do to fix it.

.jpg? Like an image file?

You can bypass the anti-virus warding, usually the button isn't obvious since they don't want you clicking it instinctively. You could also white-list it.

I'm glad somebody finally dug into some of the situational dialog!

Can't wait for your let's play.

If I finish according to plan it'll be a relatively cheap game with plenty of value in it. If not it'll be free/pay what you want.

I only see an empty post, could you repost your specs?

The food sequence doesn't happen after day 2. The delay is the game getting stuck in "talk" mode and fixing itself, I'll look into that.

I can't reproduce the shower things, it happens every time for me. Could you give more details?

Does it do anything else or is it basically not booting?

Also, could you post your PC's specs?

Thanks! She's definitely staying.

The final version hasn't technically started development yet.

Oh, and more original music by @marufawks

The most recent update only fixed a glitch with the fullscreen scaling, the one before that added a toggle option for the post processing.

Uploaded a fix for that. I just accidentally left some scaling code I was working on in there.

Whoops, I was working on some scaling stuff and I left some code in there. Uploading a fixed version now.

I figured most people would be led from that to this, not the other way around. In any case a lot of people seem to have no problem finding that movie. Sales have increased.

Nope, same model.