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really enjoying the new demo! I've noticed that you can't order food after meeting Arlene but it's the end of the demo so I don't care...

But, what I don't understand is, both Arlene & Autumn have an animation to "draw your attention" two questions for the future: why are they randomly doing it and why isn't May getting territorial about it, at least looking at them funny or even having the look of "wtf are you doing Arlene you slut" would be interesting, Lel. Also congrats on development, I see a solid future for this!


There's history between the characters you can get more detail on through conversations. Nothing is fully spelled out but everyone is pals.

I'm planning on keeping these characters around, but the full game will have more "territiorial" gals.


Speaking of, what are your plans next? Are you going to make another demo that proves more aspects of the game or work on the full game in ernest?


Maybe a little more polish on this demo, but nothing major. I'm not building on this demo for the full game. I might not even use the same engine.

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woah. That's big news if that's true. what's your start profit goal?


Not sure what that is exactly, but I haven't though about anything involving money just yet.