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I am sorry but my Unity doesnt allow me to use Audio (idk why).

If you want i can send you a link to the finshed project once it is finished!

Amazing! Can i use this in any game? (I will credit you!)

Thx! What do you mean with 'O2' ?

I really like your game! The feedback(screenshake, sounds, particles etc.) are on point!

It makes a lot o fun!

I like you game but it gets boring over the time and i can always hear a disturbing sound in the background.

But all in all funny game :D

This is my submission for 'Trijam-33'

So you have Linux right? What system exactly? (Ubuntu, Kali, Mint)

Thx also for finding the bug. :D

I just want to say that

I just want to say that i really love creating games for this jam. Even if there are just like 10 guys joined (awsome that we are more than 25 this time) it's just a lot of fun.

Thanks for all of this.

PS. can you pls send a link for the server weher the trijam 'channel' is? (Or make a server)?

Hey, it actually has hit feedback and never forget... its a game made in 3-HOURS!

I really like the idea behind the game! The game fits into the theme and the sounds are funny too, but i would like to have some background music and some more sound effects like one that plays if you enter the goal. 

But all in all this is a funny game for just 3 hours!  And i really like the way the player is able to 'climb' walls.

Cool game but the level are a way to hard for me

thx i saw your Stream the Other games were really awesome as well.

Thank you for your awesome feedback!

Thank you !

Cool! (also that you answered so fast)

Did you do all th graphics by yourself? They are amazing! :D

Funny Game with cool graphics!

But for me the bounciness is a little bit to hard.

Funny game. Its like on of the games blackThornProd made but in 2d!

Really cool game! This is not against Noah but your game is better than his games, just so simple. I dont wanna say his games are not good but i dont like is art style because it is so detailed i just love minimalism

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Nice, but would be cooler if you could more ClickingPower Upgrades

Cool! THX

bBrilliant! I really love the tileset!

Would be very cool if you made a player spritesheet or (and) a sky(background) set

can i steal this idea?

Its amazing!

I would like to! Do you use Unity? If so i would love to have a team.

cool i'll try it out

in wich language did you make it? HTML?

well you are right... it is funny

whats the theme?

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But sometimes things like this are happening: 

I used to use chrome but in firefox its working. Cool game ;P

Cool thx, i mean i did it just for fun too, but it would be cool if the games were ranked

Ehm... whats about the winner. Will the winner get anything? Will the Winner be contacted? Are you going to choose a winner?

such an cool idea, the audio is nice

INteressting game and i really like the sprites.

it shows the voilett flower evrerytime

sorry for me its not working

its a cool idea but its hard for the eyes (because the background)