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I do have this channel, but I don't upload any videos anymore.
Also thanks for the positive feedback :D

Eu realmente gostaria de ver no que você está trabalhando. Se você não se importa, envie-me um link!

Eu aprecio muito isso cara!

Você não tem que me dar crédito, mas eu agradeceria!

I appreciate it!

Thanks a lot man!

Join the discord

Even though im happily working with unity, I'm really looking forward to the release!

Also: Is there something like an early acces version to download? I'd love to test this out myself!

Its pointless

I guess

Thank you!

Inversion2 community · Created a new topic Feedback

Left you some feedback in your discord dms

Jam with MediBang community · Created a new topic Timed?

Sorry for this dumb question, but what exactly do you mean with the 'is timed' requirement?

For example would it be enough if I just implement a timer that tells you how fast you were in each level? Or does the game have to relate to the timer like as if the timer was a core game mechanic?

Thank you

So as it says in the description we are supposed to make a game in 48 hours. It also says that it doesn't have to be consecutive.

Now I wanna make sure I didn't missunderstood.

Does it mean that i can for example work 8 hours a day for 6 days or does it mean that I shall only work on 2 days but I dont have to work all the time, like i can still pause for a little or what?

Sry Team is full

Hi, i'm  Dibbel/Leon.

I am from Germany and I am 15 years old. I'd like to participate in this gamejam with a team of around 3 people. 
Currently im using Unity and have been for around 2 years. My plan is to make a 2D game. Im quiet good at C# but I really need some support in the visuals and audio.

It would be great to work with some people around my age, so if you like to Dm me this is my Discord: Dibbel#8630

Let's start our own!

Its actually a quiet funny game but i would prefer if you could see the cuts. Like a simple black line that shows you where you cut

You can just convert the .rar file to a .zip file.

This one worked perfectly for me:

Awesome game! We had a lot of fun playing this! This should have a single player option

Desktopia community · Created a new topic Just Awesome

An awesome project! Thanks fo sharing!

You don't need to apologize. I was just suprised when I tried to read the description. :D Pretty cool that you are giong to add an english description. And thank you for your fast reply!

Roses are red,

violets are blue.

The title is english,

why isn't the jam too?

Sorry i do not have any other ideas. I wish you good luck ;D

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Once you've extracted the -zip folder, you need to open the folder in the terminal by right-clicking on it and pressing 'Open in Terminal'. After that you need to type in chmod +x ./TeamTreesLinux.x86_64. As soon as you did that you just need to type in ./TeamTreesLinux.x86_64 te last command will boot the game. After you did this once you can just double click on the application and it should open up.

This only works on Ubuntu. (All ubuntu distributions like mint etc.)

If you want i can send you a link to the finshed project once it is finished!

Amazing! Can i use this in any game? (I will credit you!)

Thx! What do you mean with 'O2' ?

I really like your game! The feedback(screenshake, sounds, particles etc.) are on point!

It makes a lot o fun!

I like you game but it gets boring over the time and i can always hear a disturbing sound in the background.

But all in all funny game :D

This is my submission for 'Trijam-33'

So you have Linux right? What system exactly? (Ubuntu, Kali, Mint)

Thx also for finding the bug. :D

I just want to say that

I just want to say that i really love creating games for this jam. Even if there are just like 10 guys joined (awsome that we are more than 25 this time) it's just a lot of fun.

Thanks for all of this.

PS. can you pls send a link for the server weher the trijam 'channel' is? (Or make a server)?

I really like the idea behind the game! The game fits into the theme and the sounds are funny too, but i would like to have some background music and some more sound effects like one that plays if you enter the goal. 

But all in all this is a funny game for just 3 hours!  And i really like the way the player is able to 'climb' walls.

Cool game but the level are a way to hard for me