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Great game. Fun to play!

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I am running it on Windows 10 x64, 6GB of RAM and 2.9GHz processor. Not too bad for a 2D game, I think? Yes I would be happy to help, I have sent you a friend request on Discord by username paltze#5399.

Other things are fine but the game is lagging if I try to move the player. Very disappointed as I was exited to try it after watching the trailer. Both the Love and Executable file are behaving same.

I see what you did there with the 'V8' engine! Nice and relaxing game though.

Thank you so much!

I am still struggling to pass even Level 2! This is a time killer! I still like it though.

What about a Wikipedia page?

So I figured out that the cursor need to be placed near the point where the copy starts (i.e Roughly around the 0, 0 position) but it would be more convenient if the copies were deleted when the cursor is placed over them while pressing Ctrl.

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I am currently using Ct.js 1.4.2 on Windows 64-Bit machine. According to the Room Editor when Ctrl is pressed while  clicking the copies will be deleted but many times it fails. I have to move the cursor while left clicking it continuously for deleting.

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Thanks for taking time to help me but I still cannot access this.positionx and this.positiony. The method you suggested loads a copy present in room and it does not seem to have the properties I specified.

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Thank you! So I was making a game out of it. But I am in a fix. I have a type named 'Fox' and set parameters 'this.positionx' and 'this.positiony' on it's 'On Step' code. I want to access them in another copy named 'Beach_Ball'. How to do that?

I was looking through you creations when I found the Animal Farm and Puzzle Asset Pack. They are very very cute. I also want some assets for my own projects and was wondering which software was used for creating them?

Is there a way for mobile export such as iOS or Android. You could, for example, add options like if we connect our Keystore and Android SDK. It can export for Android.