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Hi, thank you for being a member of this community, let me know what you think. General Idea. Etc.




Your very welcome Clement. I read the license agreement, and it mentions displaying the name of the creator, so I took the liberty of mentioning your name both on the youtube channel  and on the Bay City Game LLC web site under the video. Please let me know if this is not OK to do. I do not get much traffic to either site at the moment. They both are so new. Have an amazing rest of your day.  

P.S. I am in UTC -8 PT. 



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Hi Clement, I just tested "Whispering Shadows Dungeon" in my pre release beta and I am very impressed it fits well with what am trying to do. You can now see this in my pre-beta release I at: 

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Hello everyone,

I trust your all doing well. I am excited to have found this site. My hobby is computer programming etc. I wrote a 2D game engine when I was young. As a result of the pandemic I have dusted it off and converted the libraries over to x64 bit with support for 32 bit per pixel artwork. I found this site a few weeks ago and acquired artwork that surpasses my expectations. 

The artwork is on display in my sample game. I am hoping to have a beta release of the game out by September 1st. I am sure the sample game will look familiar to you.

You can view the sample on this youtube site. Please go easy on me. I have not quite my day job, which has nothing to do with my hobby. I know the code needs optimizing, to enhance performance. I am aware of how to do that and where in my code it could use improvement. 

So nice to meet you. Have an amazing day,