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Thank you! And thanks for playing :D

Thanks so much for playing :D

Thank you so much for the kind words and thanks for playing our game :D

Thanks for the super kind words very happy you enjoyed it :D

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words :D

Thanks for playing and for the good feedback :D

Weird, it should work in full screen. Will look into it after the jam. But thanks for playing ^^

Happy you enjoyed it and looking at it again now and watching other people go trough it i definately see what you mean. Thanks for the feedback :D

Loved the naration and the SFX. Maybe would have been cool if boost destroyed balls you ran into :D

Very cool game, really like the concept :D

Very fun game.. But why do i suddenly have an urge to call my parents? :O

Very polished and creative game. So amazing. Would have loved either some way to change controls or to also have stuff like jump on space or w. And then a volume controller. Other than that, amazing this was done in just 48 hours :O

Happy you liked it :D

Thank you for playing our game :D

Thanks so much for the kind words! :D

Great game, could use some sound tho :D

Great art and music. Fun game and i was not ready for there to be troll areas :P

Very original, fun and super enjoyable. Tho i think my fingers are gonna start bleeding soon from all this spamming :P

Loved the game. Great puzzle design. Great visuals and music. Just enjoyable overall :D

Love the game, it was nice and chill..and somehow also stressfull. Next time i play pokemon and have a pokemon fallen asleep i will now only be able to think that they are just waking them op with a horn ;D

Cute game and nice art. In the beginning the guy is behind the sofa. Not sure if that is on purpose. Unfortunately i got stuck after unplugging the fan..

For some reason I couldn't get the game to open :/

Fun little game. I had a hard time in the beginning knowing what duck matched what. So maybe more of a color code or something to really differentiate. Else very creative game. I enjoyed it :D

Cute game. I liked the theme. Unfortunately the controls were a bit wierd. Sometimes when i jumped i couldn't move mid air. Also when walking fowards the controls felt a bit floaty. But other than that it's a nice puzzle platformer :D

Loved the game I couldn't stop playing once I started. It would have been nice to change mouse sensivity tho. It was a bit high for me. Could also be cool if you maybe got extra points for not leaving stuff. Like you had to bring back your bucket to the first room or something :D

Very interesting mechanic. I like how it feels like a puzzle and you have to balance at all times. But it was really hard, had a hard time getting past the goblin :)

First round it wasn't clear to me why the shield moved by itself. But then i got it. After that it was nice. I like the rythm game field and the art and it really was enjoyable!

Thanks for playing it and thanks for the feedback! :D

Thanks so much for playing it and thanks for the feedback. We almost had a secondary minigame running but when we had 2 hours left we decided to scrap it to make sure it all work. Really happy you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks so much for playing our game happy you enjoyed it. And i think when something is so rare it must become a delicacy :D

Hey amazing script but i am not sure what i am doing wrong. 

In aseprite i click the RevolutionsPerSecond:_1

and change it to RevolutionsPerSecond:_60

and it just says the following:

attempt to mul a 'string' with a 'number'

What am i doing wrong? :S

Thank you so much, it was the first time, i as a programmer decided to try out doing the art! :D

Thanks so much for the kind words. Yeah we spent hours trying to brainstorm on how we could twist it in a way no one else would do :D

Yes, it was meant to be an escape room kinda game, and we were meant to have a "tutorial" that showed that use was "space". But last second our github stopped working and we didn't have time to implement it :)

Thanks for trying the game tho :D

Yeah, we had one, but then last minute our github stopped working, so we didn't have time to implement it. But thanks so much for trying it :D

Thank you so much! And thanks for playing the game. Sad we didn't get to finish it completely but we are happy with the results :D

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words. Its Nice to see People enjoying it and enjoying Bert. I cannot confirm or deny anything yet, but talks have been made of making it into an "actual" game :D

Super fun game and very creative idea, good job guys! :D

I think it's really nice, i only have 2 items of feedback. 

1. it would have been nice if the tree growing was an animations maybe, like just with 3 frames, the first couple of times i didn't really notice it because it was a still picture.

2. (something we found out very last minute for our jam) When you do pausemenu as ESC for a webgl build, it means you have to press it a couple of times, because first time you quit fullscreen, then second time it pauses.

Else i really enjoyed the game, nice visuals, and music, very chill vibe and nice challenging puzzles! All in all very enjoyable!! :D

Nice game, i loved the art and sound, very atmospheric!. Control wise it felt a but stiff, but else everything else is super good. I think if there was an enemy following you or something it would add to it. But it depends on what kind of game you are going for. All in all, nice chill game! :D