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Here’s the game link:

The game shows in the lists now, but I was just wondering if there is a way to not get it hidden in the future.

Some gameplay footage of the game!

Hey everyone,

I recently updated my game and noticed that my downloads plummeted that day so I checked and it was missing from all lists (popular, genres, new&popular, etc.) during that day. 

I know that newly published games have to be indexed, but do updated games get indexed again?

I upload a completely new file every time I update- Would using the butler tool allow the game to not get indexed again?

That is strange. A video of it would be helpful because I'm not sure how Unreal handles displays with custom resolutions...

Sorry about that, what is the resolution of your monitor?

Try clicking credits (or around it) to open the settings. Even if the buttons don't align with the text, they should be in the correct order. 

Hey everyone!

I recently released my first game, ChaseDown, and would love for you guys to check it out! It combines the action of shooter games, the thrill of racing games, and the addictiveness of arcade games.

Here's the game link!

In ChaseDown, the gameplay is simple: slow down time and chase down enemies! And, once defeated, you can freely explore the map.

Available Since November for PC    |    1500+ Downloads    |    4.8 Rating


Thank you!

Thanks for such a detailed feedback!

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Added! Sorry, I don't have a Mac myself so I can't playtest and release a mac version,