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Would be an interesting experiment, since seems like is possible to add your own stores to editor

I’m going to use this for the next bullet hell jam.

I think that documentation can be done in markdown to easily share it and have it linked in the github Wiki.

If issues are open on this related to the editor plugin, I’ll see if i can give a hand.

You forgot to add the license in the zip file.

Good asset, I’m using it a godot dialogue plugin

Yep, this is fire

I keep looking at your devlogs to improve an event manager built as dialog plugin

Lo tendré en cuenta

Bigger bullets to see them well, interesting. I’ll implement this idea, many thanks ^-^/

I’ll take this idea, thanks you for your recommendation

There’s no level 2, sorry. I’ll check that bug, it’s weird that you fail when you defeat the boss

I liked it, mouse movement it’s a bit hard.

I like it, but get a little boring after the 4th wave because i can’t see the enemy bullets

Too much butterflies 9/10


Masochist is too easy, i just hate to wait 10 seconds to attack. Everything else, i love it.

Ok, i’ll check that to make more levels

I like the card-based mechanic, but it’s a bit hard to get into the first time

Me encantan los diseños de tus personajes

Thanks for the advice  (º<º)7

I like it, will be more updates?

i love this