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Great concept and execution! Would be perfect as a minigame in a much bigger title, like an activity in a Skyrim tavern.

Good job. It would be nice to see the current number of points available. You shouldn't split the controls between mice and keyboard for no reason, now you have to jump between mouse and spacebar

Really nice idea and execution. Reminds me of an old Scooby-doo game I played as a kid, to the point where I thought you would do the same trick they used and just make the murderer always be the person you chose. In the majority of cases getting to the real answer would require more than one playthrough, and clicking "start game" again after getting to the end doesn't actually reset all the dialogues. It played the starting maid dialogue but after choosing a dice it continued with the last visitor.

I added a little "single threaded" checkbox, since it was probably the cause. I happy you at least tried running it :)

This game will increase your IQ by 4 cm.


I have added the source code to the downloads. You can do whatever you want with it, if you can manage to wrap your head around it.

I do

Fantastic! Great style, great idea. It'd be nice to have an in-game explanation of what A and B is, maybe on the bookshelves? The mouse sensitivity was a bit too high for me, but it isn't an action game so it doesn't really matter. The space you're confined to is small enough so you don't wander off looking for unnecessary things. The water divided-ness can be hard to read for chunks above 5. Overall, I love it.

A very nice 1-bit FPP game. The movement feels very good and reminds me of mirror's edge. Wall running can be easily exploited to make the levels too easy and it's sometimes hard to see the edge of the walkable floor as it blends with the void. For me the controls were easy to understand but for my younger brother, who is not an expert in handling more than two keys at the same time, the game was very infuriating. A solid entry jor the jam imo.

Unfortunately, WebGL 2, which my game uses, is not supported on Safari by default. I've read that it can be enabled in the Experimental Features developer menu. Thank you for trying to play my game though :D

Great looking game with an eerie atmosphere. Though, ironically, the simple 1-bit graphics overheated my computer and I had to hard reset it.  Gameplay is lacking and it'd be a lot more bearable with an option to get some more lives.

Hmm... Something weird happened to the file, even my browser blocks it now. I have reuploaded the .exe and everything seems fine, at least for now. Thank you for trying to use it and good luck with finding that one indie game you're looking for.

Great game! Even though it's so simple I still spent over an hour playing. I tried to plant woodladder on slopes to make it grow at an angle and then I realized that mea's tangle can also be climbed. Great sound design, particularly when falling. While planting grass on rocks I thought that someone else was running around, because the game played a few step sounds even when I moved just an inch. That scared me, I thought that the game spawned an AI or something that was following me.

Just like DoctorMikeReddy said. I've noticed that the restart button on the second level has a very small clickbox, making it seem like it doesn't work when you try to press it in the middle. It could be a good puzzle game with some lore if done correctly.

Great game! I especially like the simplistic transition and how the music changes with "one" and "only". A good amount of mechanics and level ideas. Good job.

Thank you very much for playing! I will try to bring the game to a state which I envisioned at the start. Snakebird was definitely in the back of my head when making this, although I wanted to make the player have infinite length. I'm thinking of finishing it and porting it to android.

Hey! A nice game. It worked and I immediately understood the mechanic. Art and setting are nice. Here's the negative part:
Not being able to play with a keyboard is a big minus, thankfully my old ps-styled controller worked, although the controls were buggy, maybe that's because of my input device. Rotating around with RS didn't work. The lives count wasn't displayed at all.