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The concept is amazing  ! The level design is great. I had a really good time playing it, one of my favorite game so far

Damn it looks amazing, the dialogues were funny too ! I enjoyed it a lot. We had a similar idea with the battery :)

It was fun to play and the art looks great !

Cool puzzle game I can see this becoming a mobile game with a little more polish ! It was really fun to play

It was a fun game such a clever idea. Loved the art too !

It was fun to play and the concept is great cool game !

the movement felt great it was fun to play

I really like the concept. it's a fun game

I really like the concept. it's a fun game

My favorite take of the theme so far !

Really fun game one of my favorite

The idea is interesting I would like to see a complete version of this.

The soundtrack was really relaxing and made me enjoy the game even more. The puzzle difficulties are great too. One of my favorite entries so far great job.

The art direction is great and the mini games are fun too. It was fun playing it