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Thanks a lot for your your feedback. 👍🏻

If you are still looking for a game, you can try mine:

A 2.5D co-op/pvp multiplayer side scroller...

If you are still looking for a game to rate, you can try mine:

A 2.5D co-op/pvp multiplayer side scroller...

If you are still looking for a game, you can try mine:

A 2.5D co-op/pvp multiplayer side scroller...

Thanks a lot for your review and for your feedback 👍🏻 Yeah, I recognized it with the text box after submitting it. 

Customizing the input would be a good improvement, but time was my enemy in this game jam. 😉

Thanks a lot for your review and for your feedback 👍🏻

Thanks a lot for the review. Yeah, alone it's a little bit too hard but doable. You have to kill the other player first and then try your luck if you manage to reach the space rocket...

Yeah, the keyboard mapping isn't the best choice. Next time I will choose another one :-)
It's not optimized for the XBox360 controller, but that's the only one I have here, so other controllers would also work, but maybe with some different layout. 

To succeed you have to be fast and also you have really to shoot your way through all the zombies. While one player is reloading, the other has to take the lead.

Yeah, I know what you mean. :) I was running out of time in the end and could not find appropriate sounds for it....

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Would love to see my submission in your video:

Any feedback is welcomed!

Thanks a lot, Angelo!! Great to hear that you played the game with your dad!! :-) 

I used some assets from the assets store from Unity because I'm not a 3D artist in any way and those assets were available a long time in my storage. You can find a detailed list of the used assets on the project page. Besides of that, the environment was made with those assets completely in Unity.

Would love to see my game on your stream, you can find it here:


If you don't mind you can try my submission:

Let me know what you think. 

If you don't mind, you can also playthrough my submission. Really curious if you reach the rocket at the end of the game:

Thanks in advance...

Hi, here is my submission:

You're game looks really nice, very good graphics! Will definitely try and rate it these days.

Hi! You can find my game here:

Will definitely try yours, too. Thanks a lot...

Have a look at the game project page on itch:

The controls are described there.

There was a bug in the first release in the end sequence which is fixed now in the latest package.

That could be possible, but sadly I don't have one. So porting from my side isn't possible I think.

OpenSaberVR is an open source BeatSaber clone which supports the custom songs from the mod community of BeatSaber. It's still under development, but the first development snapshot has already a good gameplay and the mentioned support of the songs.

I played several VR games here on "Tea for God" is a great one, absolutely astonishing. I love that you are able to walk endless in real and can explore the VR world without any teleporting or locomotion. 

Beside playing VR games, I develop games on my own. My most popular game is Till Dawn, an apocalypse zombie FPS with some special VR controls.

My second game is Run,Boy,Run. It's an endless runner in VR where you have to build up the world while Danny is running. For this game you will find the source code on github, the link is on the game page.

Right now I'm on my third game which will be a FPS again. I try several new stuff and I hope that I can show more in the near future.


Daniel (

Hi, what is your system specs? 

Also the graphic settings is set to maximum at the moment, maybe I have to give the possibility to change it manually.

I'm really sorry, but I think that this won't happen. I'm focusing especially on VR and try to realize different concepts in VR. That's also the reason for my other VR game. I'm loving it to play with the possibilities which you have in VR.

Run, Boy, Run is an endless runner game in VR. But instead of running on your own you have to build up the world while Danny won't stop to run. Don't make any mistake otherwise he will fall down of the world or crash into a building. 

Your opponents? Speed, time, your highscore board, your own skills and Danny's decision where to run.

Give it a try and download it for free from