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Not that it’s particularly helpful, but have you tried downloading direct from the site (as a zip file) and launching it from that instead? I can’t seem to reproduce your error.

NOTE::: The Steam keys for this game have been all claimed and I'm unable to generate more - I apologise for this but unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

Trivial if you don't care about integration, and a royal pain in the behind for anything more than achievements.

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You get both a DRM-free download and a Steam key with a purchase from

EDIT:: (the keys for this game have run out and I'm unable to generate more - I apologise for this, but unfortunately my hands are tied.)

Post here with your custom levels!

Please, no links. Links using it will be edited or removed at moderator's discretion.

Here's one I made earlier. It's a nice easy level called Mincerafted.

Rising Runner community · Created a new topic Welcome
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Welcome to the community forum for Rising Runner!

The only rule is: Don't be a dick.

Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread!

Rising Runner community · Created a new topic Bug reports!
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Found an issue in the game? Drop me a note with some details about the bug and I'll see what I can do about it.

Current issues:

Fixed issues:

I'd second that. I occasionally attend small game developer events and having some kind of flyers to distribute would be great

Hi there folks, I've come to announce the release of my second game under the name Magicbane, Rising Runner.

It took just over a year to make, and it is a simple puzzle platformer with an included level editor for people to create and share levels. I'm working on making a dedicated site to share levels, but you're welcome to share them in this thread too!

It costs £2.99(around $4 US at last check) and has a Windows and Linux version.