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Thanks so much, really means a lot to see people enjoy it!

Thanks so much it means a lot

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much we worked very hard on it!

Thanks so much we really wanted to make a game accessible to every level of gamer

honestly one of my top 5 fave games of this jam

you're game kicked so much butt dude!thanks!

Thanks so much, your game made me laugh so much with its settings menu

thanks so much! Means a lot to see people play our game

I really liked this game. Good job

thanks so much!!!

cool try out my game too cosmo and yuuko, I bet youd like it

thanks youuuuuuuuu

Happy to work with ya as well!

I'm curious what your work schedule looked like? This games got an intense amount of polish for the amount of days you took. Also how did the theme make this game what it is?

thanks so much!

Love it

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Thanks you so much to anyone who plays our game! Let us know what you think!