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A jam submission

Cosmo And Yuuko: A Space AdventureView game page

Two cats with an imagination climb on a washing machine headed to the stars! Look out for the deadly cateroids!
Submitted by asobulab (@asobulab), SaltyJo, Deviot, Willy Watson — 10 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Cosmo And Yuuko: A Space Adventure's page

Team Name
Pastel Sushi Club

Gameplay Instructions
Keyboard to play the game, Mouse to select options in menus. This is a typing game that makes full use of all alphabet keys. Press the key corresponding to the prompt on screen.

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
SFX by Soundly:

Cinematic Impact, Hard, Metallic, Dry X2 SND37342 1
Computer, Interface, Retro, Select, Ok, Cancel 4 SND11799 1
Electronics, Taser, Stun, Gun, Zap 1 SND6899
Electronics, Taser, Stun, Gun, Zap 2 SND6898
Electronics, Taser, Stun, Gun, Zap 3 SND6897
Electronics, Taser, Stun, Gun, Zap 4 SND6896
Fire, Flames, Burst, Deodorant Spray SND31384 1
Fire, Small Flame, Blow Out SND31385
Glass, Window, Smash 8 SND28511
Toys, Button, Plastic, Press SND29705
Toys, Plastic Slider, Slide 3 SND29763
Toys, Squeaky, Squeak, Single 1 SND33447
Toys, Squeaky, Squeak, Single 2 SND33446
Toys, Squeaky, Squeak, Single 3 SND33445

Backdrop Day time sky Texture by Cris O'Brien (from Unsplash)

Particles Wind Control System by Dragon Motion

Link to Gameplay Footage

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Great game, really cute art :)


Thanks so much!


Great game !!!:. nice idea for Kids !!!  :)


Thanks so much we really wanted to make a game accessible to every level of gamer


this is really cute 


Thanks so much, your game made me laugh so much with its settings menu


hahahahaha omg thank you for playing 


Super cute, nice job :)


you're game kicked so much butt dude!thanks!


i have been charmed on a cosmic level


thanks so much! Means a lot to see people play our game

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks you so much to anyone who plays our game! Let us know what you think!