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Jackson Nexhip

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Thank you so much for playing and for this lovely comment :D

back at you 🔥 

lol thank you :P 

this is REALLY good, I love the art style too 

this is so cute, good pupper 

I LOVE the sketchy sort of cartoon art style. This is gorgeous 

the art is REALLY cool 

Love the art style 

wow this is REALLY cool 

the trailer is scary 

love the art, also awesome that you created everything in the jam!!

looks pretty 

this looks utterly terrifying 

the emissives look GORGEOUS, good job 

Looks good

looks REALLY pretty, would love to see some more screenshots / a trailer or some gameplay footage though :( 

this is cool, the face is slightly terrifying though hahahahah 

God this looks STUNNING. I would LOVE to see a trailer or some gameplay though :'( 

I would LOVE to see some screenshots / gameplay for this, it sounds cool 

would LOVE to see a trailer / some gameplay

love the art 

Good job, the enemies are spooky haha 

death to the bad cats 

Reminds me of some of the shrine puzzles in breath of the wild 

This looks really cool 

based on childhood experiences? You were THAT guy 

HAHAHAHHAH this is the best 

that thumbnail looks stunning 

except for the chicken, that chicken is gonna be in my dreams tonight :/ 

this looks really cute 

Dude omg the sounds in your trailer are going to haunt me 

Terrific job for your first jam. We live and we learn :P

I think the trailer gave me nightmares XD

Yep me either. Screw art, make good games instead XD 

hahahaha yep I can relate to that, I always get too ambitious with my projects as well. I'm working on it XD 

just saw your trailer, Retrieval looks AMAZING 

This looks REALLY cool 

Nope all the models are from the Poly City pack from Epic Games. P.S. I LOVE Ayahuascat lol you guys rock 

hahahahaha omg thank you for playing 

this art style is phenomenal