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Good game,i had a struggles on the start of my game cool.BEANS

i could, but i have school and thats why did so fast but thanks and hows my game.Sorry for late reply i didnt get notification


Hahaha here is mine.MoonMan Made in Godot

Fan from Godot

Flying is the mechanicand its my first game.Learned a lot,Most importantly Make a Tutorial.Sorry if the game is not good.I just did what i can.Thank u for playing the game and rating my game.And im also 11 years old. :)

Well I want a new way To kill The enemy so this what came up with.Im sorrry if that is not good.Im Slowly learning.Plus what can u expect to a 11 year old.Thank u for playing my Game

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Glad u Enjoyed

Thank you

Oof im  sorry i accidently sended 2 times.

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Thank You verry Much.I just want a New way to kill The Enemy.So This is what i came Up and The History said Pressing Button is the fun think to do in the world. Glad You enjoyed.

Thank You For playing the game.Glad You Liked i

Good Luck

Awsome.The music is Hilarious.But when I die it do not restart.

Good luck too.

Okay then.iam trying to Make a vidoo about how i Made this game.Kinda struggeling but i Think i can do this

Okay then.iam trying to Make a vidoo about how i Made this game.Kinda struggeling but i Think i can do this

are u holding the up arrow.Cuz u can Only Jumping

Oh.Glad u Loved it. is mine MoonMan

Is it my Game.Or other people game.Just want to know

Thank you so Much for playing the game.Glad You enjoyed.And making a video of how i made this game.Stay Tuned. Here is my game.MoonMan. Here is my game.MoonMan.Hope You Like it Here is my game.MoonMan. Here is my game.MoonMan. Here is my game.MoonMan.

Its a Great the Idea and The charactor.My favorite is The Cow

I think its a bug but When i was developing the Game i never had this.But When I released the game this problem came.The only way to fix this is to refresh the page.And Thank you For playing The game


Youre comment made My day.Thank you Man