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Awesome job!

By the way, it's called a **Bullet Hell** kind of game, not a bad game!!!!

Awesome design!

Doubling down with everyone else that the controls are awful! They work very well... but who the hell is pressing K and L, X and C!

Extremely thrilling! Gave me geometric dreams for nights!

Awesome game, simple controls, great concept!

Hi pals!

Recently, the libGDX Game Jam 18 finished up.
Previously, the community used a different in house thing to host jams, but recently have been using itch to host instead, with great results.

One thing I did different this jam, was afterwards, play every single persons game and record commentary, for people to get some feedback!

I'd like to share the review with y'all! I think I give some insightful feedback into the games, speak soothingly, and give a great opportunity for the developers to see their result come to life on someone elses' screen!

I know another member of the community is planning his own video, and when that comes out, I'll be sure to include it here.


This was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally beat it! Dude that was almost literally exactly like O.G starcraft!!! Well done!


Fantastic graphics, absolutely love the earth in the background.

Awesome Box2d lights! Interesting mechanics to get used to try and master.

I got stuck outside of one of the triggered walls at one point xD

Very difficult! It makes sense that I respawn with all my upgrades and do it over again, but I ended up playing worse each time, despite the upgrades.

Back again for the "space to fire" update

Can confirm that the CPU still definitely cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Let me shoot as fast as him by holding fire!

Difficult! Awesome idea though!

The voice acting is very pleasing.

Wow those sounds ;o

Concept is absolutely phenomenal, extremely high effort entry!

Very great! I preferred the puzzle elements compared to the timing elements

i couldn't figure out the last level :( :( :( :( :(

Wow, the polish on this is phenomenal! It absolutely shines!

The concept is pretty interesting, and sometimes selecting an astroid with arrow keys would not switch to the one I expected.

But all of the graphics, sounds, shaders, and even how tidy the title screen, is just fantastic!

Phenomenal idea. Never thought that raeleus would know what kiting is!

The CPU is most definitely a dirty cheater!!!

Interesting control choices... I can't press z fast enough ;'(

All together, well done!!!

Phenomenal job as usual! Extremely accurately depicts the digital TCG/CCG games, while you yourself has crafted an in-depth tactical experience!

I drew many many figure 8's... and was only mildly disappointed ;p

Awesome job dude! Dead simple, and you're already making it competitive. I sent you my 59 score on discord xD

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The graphics, sound, and animation are phenomenal (whether you made them or found them, the end result is fabulous)! I spent quite a bit just moving around and watching the detail in the animation. Awesome that the enemies have an attack sound/animation.

The GDX-VFX library you used was to massive effect, and turned out awesome! I was quite literally tripping trying to see. Bang on with the theme, gave me an awesome laugh.

I was tripping too hard to get out of the bottom of the dungeon XD.

Awesome! Surprising amount of content, good variety of mechanics that keep getting introduced as you progress! You can tell this was play-tested carefully!

I beat the game, although I didn't get all the secrets... I did find the potatos ;D

The number of times that I died with all the fuel cells, but didn't get to the rocket................

Cool color aesthetic and sounds, but what I think was the strongest was the level design, despite the difficulty curve (CLIFF!), but jumping off monsters, and the accuracy/precision required for the jumps was lots of fun!

Awesome submission!