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There's a reason there is a cigarette and a matchbox.  Maybe they have to do with each other.

At this point you have to pay $2 to get all of them.

Oh thanks! I had a hard time settling on how that creature would look.

Game is still in demo format. I actually just did a massive update so you can find more things.  I'm glad you like it!


Basically made public the update I created for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Added some new scenes and items and monsters and all sorts of fun stuff!

Testing out the other areas that give the "Disk Two" display, which is meant to be a notation of where the demo ends, looks like the best course of action is to prioritize adding the room I have planned to the south of the morgue in the next update. Apologies that this glitch caused you to lose progress.

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Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it's doing the thing I mentioned in the game description about "ghosting" commands if you click on it too quickly. I'll try to come up with a solution in the next update.

I've expanded the demo, adding more magic and monsters and rooms and stuff.

Judging from the commentary I'm seeing from folks, seems like the route maps are difficult to figure out. Keep in mind that since you start from the bottom of the map, you are ALWAYS facing towards the top of the map at the beginning. You turn in the direction of the next block on the map.

Another thing, if you go off course (Dead End or Skid Out) and are allowed to return to the map, you wind up MOVED FORWARD a space on the map.

Hope that helps folks!