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Thank you for the kind words and the amazing video! We're very happy that you liked it! 

Hello Gravv!!

We're very happy that you like it! Very good gameplay!

We released a new version of the game in which we rebalanced the difficulty, especially for the first level. You should try it out with it again!

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Hello Kain!

That was a pretty good gameplay overall! It also serves us as a great feedback source, so thank you for the video!

Enemies right now are a bit overtuned, and we're planning to release a new version during next week, among other things.

Stay tuned!


We proudly announce that Sweet Dreams: (In)Sanitarium is now fully released! Available in our page, check it out!

Sweet Dreams: (In)Sanitarium is a First-Person Survival Horror set in a nightmarish hospital. The player will take control of one of the hospital's security guards, who falls asleep during his work hours, and wakes up in a nightmare version of the hospital. The player will have to solve puzzles to escape while managing his sanity and escaping from creepy monsters.

This is an end of term project for our videogame academy, which we decided to finish developing after the great reception of its Beta. For the majority of us, this is our first published game!

We're so moved by all the people who enjoyed the game back then and we hope that now its more enjoyable than ever. We hope to bring new and better games in the future!

Hello, we'd like to inform you that Sweet Dreams: (In)Sanitarium has been fully released!

We'd like to thank you for your video by giving you a key for our game, but we couldn't find any means to contact you.

Please, send us an email to so we can send it to you!

Muchas gracias Legendaurot!

Nos alegramos mucho de que te haya gustado!

Hello jimjim2333,

That's a very big possibility, but we'd like to fix any issues currently existing within the game before bringing up the Steam topic to the table.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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Hi Jose,

Thank you for playing, we're glad you liked it. Your words encourage us a lot! 

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Hi Mario,

We plan to fix all these issues in future bugfixes, so we can deliver the best experience possible.

Thank you so much for playing the game and writing up such a good feedback!