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Hiya!! thank you so much for the feedback & im so glad you're enjoying it <3

Making getter functions for them is a genius workaround! making doppelganger variables are so neat too!

They're now working perfectly. Thank you so much :DD

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I'm using the lastest GMS2 & GMLive.

Variables thats causing error are 


I was using two physical objects named o_phy_wall & o_phy_body, and only o_phy_wall has the collision event.

The error output from the collision event of o_phy_wall (When colliding with o_phy_body) : 

{ current_fix : [ 0 ] }
[live][2021/12/30 17:55:49] Runtime error: [error] { script : "gml_Script_vm_group_field_on_field", line : 519, stacktrace : [ "gml_Script_vm_group_field_on_field (line 519)","gml_Script_anon_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread_3298_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread (line 109) - var l_ar1=l_handler(l__gthis,l_act);
","gml_Script_anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program_1897_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program (line 58) - l_th.h_exec();
","gml_Script_live_proc_call_impl (line 33) - var l_th=l_pg.h_call_v(l_scriptName,l_args1,false);
","gml_Script_live_call (line 74) - return live_proc_call_impl(l_data,l_vals,l_def);
","gml_Object_o_phy_wall_Collision_o_phy_body (line 1) - if (live_call()) return live_result;
" ], longMessage : "ERROR in
action number 1
of  Step Evento_phy_body
for object o_phy_wall:
Invalid index passed to phy_collision_x -2147483648
 at gml_Script_vm_group_field_on_field (line 519) - l_val=variable_instance_get(self,l_s);
", message : "Invalid index passed to phy_collision_x -2147483648" }
 called from game:gml_std_haxe_Exception_caught:1235
 called from game:anon_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread_3298_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread:119
 called from game:anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program_1897_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program:58
 called from game:live_proc_call_impl:33
 called from game:live_call:74
 called from game:o_phy_wall_Collision_o_phy_body:1
 called from 0
 called from o_phy_wall:Collision_o_phy_body[L4,c20]

And the content of the event is simply just:

if (live_call()) return live_result;

Errors are the same for all four variables, with only their names in the log being different.

I've noticed that despite the GMS2 manual stated those variables should be arraies, their content are all just non-array values, no matter how many collision points are:

show_debug_message(phy_collision_points) == 1
show_debug_message(phy_collision_x) == 10.30
show_debug_message(is_array(phy_collision_x)) == 0
show_debug_message(phy_col_normal_x) == 0
show_debug_message(is_array(phy_col_normal_x)) == 0
show_debug_message(phy_collision_points) == 2
show_debug_message(phy_collision_x) == 386.30
show_debug_message(is_array(phy_collision_x)) == 0
show_debug_message(phy_col_normal_x) == 0
show_debug_message(is_array(phy_col_normal_x)) == 0

Are there any solution to this? I really need to live coding with those variables. Thanks!

Thank you so much! I never noticed there's this function. it works like a charm now!  :DD

(1 edit)

Im using both the latest GMLive and GMS2 IDE ( & Runtime (

The error:

[live][2021/11/13 11:38:31] Runtime error: [error] Script index must be a number, got `instance#100017(o_ui_file_browser)` (struct)
 called from o_ui_file_browser:Step_0[L5,c46]

The extension i'm using is File Manager by Samuel Venable. it added buncha functons from dll, not from scripts.

I've tried adding one of the new function "directory_contents()" into the GMLiveAPI.gml like this:

At the end of line 23:

And at the end of line 61:

But the same error still occurs when i call this function while live coding, no matter if i use the original GMLiveAPI.gml or the one modified by me, and i've tried restart gms2 between the modifications.

Am i doing something wrong? or are there any other methods of adding live support for these external functions? 

Thank you! :)

I have imported both latest version of GMLive & shader_replace_simple.

Everytime i save a live shader, the GMLive command prompt throws "Couldn't find the runtime directory! Please provide one via --runtimePath in command-line" and nothing happens.

Please forgive my ignorance, but how exactly do i provide my runtime path to it?

Got it. thanks for the quick reply!

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Whenever i refer the variable "instance_count" within a live code, the game freezes.

Sometimes no errors thrown at all, sometime it shows "DoAdd :2: Malformed variable"

Tested on multiple projects, occurs everytime.

Alright, thanks for the workaround. 

GMS 2.3 sucks, man 😥 guess i'll avoid live coding in those unstable events then.


(1 edit)

First of all i'm using the latest GMS 2 ( IDE, RT ), and GMLive 1.0.47

I enabled live function for only the problematic script, and the error still occurs.

I'm using Spine 2D, so the animation event is to receive the boardcast messages from the Spine sprites.

I just updated my game from GMS 2.2 to 2.3; it runs smoothly after i cleared out some of the syntax errors, but as soon as i enabled gmlive, errors are thrown.

The structure:

o_plr > Animation Event > scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent() > scr_isMultiTrackAnim()

I kept the codes clean in all of those code panels. no other codes exists, only two custom scripts. and i only enabled live call for scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent.

The codes in scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent() : 

function scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent() {
 if (live_call()) return live_result;
 var evName = event_data[? "name"];
 var evTrack = event_data[? "track"];
 var evInt = event_data[? "integer"];
 var evFloat = event_data[? "float"];
 var evString = event_data[? "string"];
 if !scr_isMultiTrackAnim() && evTrack == 1 exit;

The codes in scr_isMultiTrackAnim() : 

function scr_isMultiTrackAnim() {
 var _result;
 if status2 == noone {
  _result = (
   (status <= 5) &&
   (sp_animName[status] != "idle_blockage")
 } else {
  _result = (
   (sp_animName[status2] == "atk_knife_light_atk") ||
   (sp_animName[status2] == "atk_knife_throw_charge") ||
   (sp_animName[status2] == "atk_knife_throw_atk") ||
   (sp_animName[status2] == "wand_cast") ||
   (sp_animName[status2] == "wand_charge") ||
   (sp_animName[status2] == "wand_idle")

The error output:

[live][2021/5/2 16:57:06] Runtime error: [error] { line : 659, longMessage : "ERROR in
action number 1
of Other Event: <unknown>
for object o_plr:
Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [-1] out of range [16] - -7.l_st(100430,-1)
 at gml_Script_vm_group_jump_on_bool_and (line 659) - if(l_st[l_st[0]]){
", stacktrace : [ "gml_Script_vm_group_jump_on_bool_and (line 659)","gml_Script_anon_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread_2702_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread (line 95) - var l_ar1=l_handler(l__gthis,l_act);
","gml_Script_anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program_1477_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program (line 66) - l_th.h_exec();
","gml_Script_live_proc_call_impl (line 33) - var l_th=l_pg.h_call_v(l_scriptName,l_args1,false);
","gml_Script_live_call (line 74) - return live_proc_call_impl(l_data,l_vals,l_def);
","gml_Script_scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent (line 2) - if (live_call( )) return live_result;
","gml_Object_o_plr_Other_59 (line 1) - scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent();
","gml_Script_scr_humanbase_draw (line 47)","gml_Object_o_plr_Draw_0 (line 4) - scr_humanbase_draw();
" ], script : "gml_Script_vm_group_jump_on_bool_and", message : "Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [-1] out of range [16] - -7.l_st(100430,-1)" }
 called from game:gml_std_haxe_Exception_caught:1222
 called from game:anon_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread_2702_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_thread:105
 called from game:anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program_1477_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program:66
 called from game:live_proc_call_impl:33
 called from game:live_call:74
 called from game:scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent:2
 called from game:o_plr_Other_59:1
 called from game:scr_humanbase_draw:47
 called from game:o_plr_Draw_0:4
 called from 0
 called from scr_prt_humanbase_animationEvent[L10,c29]

The error above repeated 5 times, stacked together.

And my game freezes.

😥 please help

Hi and thanks for the review!

Glad you find it helpful! ☺

(1 edit)

Said the title.

e.g. i have a shader named "shd_1" and called it in the draw event of the instance o_sys:


Everything will be fine if i disabled the gmlive, but once it's on, the error is shown:

(o_sys) does not have a variable `shd_1`

Is this a new GM bug? or did i do something wrong?

I'm using the latest version of gms2, IDE v2.3.0.529, Runtime v2.3.0.401

(1 edit)

Sorry i was meant to set the file visibility to public but i operated it wrong.

Now it should be visible for you: <snip>

(1 edit)

Sad to hear that. hope they fixed this in 2.3.

I uploaded the sample project <snip>.

It'd be cool if you can figure something out from it still. Thanks again!

(1 edit)

So i'm making a saving system for my game, and a part of the code is something like this:

if (live_call()) return live_result;
_varArray = variable_instance_get_names(id);

After the debug message "start" output, the game window disappears without any errors: no error window, no messages inside the IDE Output tab.

Then i tested it in a brand-new project, tried the code inside a script and a step event, yet the problem is occuring still.

The GMLive version i'm using is 1.0.24.

Is there any solution to this? thanks.

Yes! after i added return statement for those functions you suggested, everything's now works like a charm.

Thank you for the quick reply and the huge help! 😄

(1 edit)

physics_test_overlap() Doesn't work at all - it cannot detect collisions between two physical objects while live coding, thus will alwasy return false; and when i turn off the gmlive it can return true again. 

And physics particals doesn't spawn nor render via physics_partical_xxx functions.

Are there any solutions to this? thanks.

I'll look into it. Thank you for your attention.

(2 edits)

So glad you like it. ^^ I may add more features for this plugin in future.

Thank you very much for your support! <3

Thanks!!!!!! ^ ^

I fell in love with the combat system almost immediately!!<3

And the graphic style is so unique and fascinating.

 Keep up the great work!