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Henrik "Desaru" Tallen

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Thank you very much! We had really good 3D-Model creators in our Team.

Thanks for your feedback ^^. We build an UI to show when you have to press a Button but maybe we didn’t indicate enough of the controls itself.

Did you try pressing the left and right arrow keys on tact ? Every key has to be pressed in the rhythm of the music.

The Game still has flaws an we are going to fix them soon.

Thank you very much ^^. The Snails are really polite and don’t really belong to hell :D

Funny Idea, very good implementation! The Controls feel very good, the Art is Amazing and it has a cute humor. I couldn’t find a single negative Thing yet.

Thanks for your Feedback ! There are Soundeffects but they kinda barely hearable. We have to do still a lot of work on this :D

Thanks you very much

Thanks for your feedback. The game is not perfectly polished yet. But we will make that soon 😉

Great look, nostalgic feeling, dark humor and a pet chicken called “Henrietta”. I love it !

HI ^^,

Thanks for playing our Game and for giving your feedback!

Nice to hear that you liked the Levels. There will be more Soon !

We’re gonna work on Sound effects and Backgrounds soon and i also like the idea of an indicator for the Play- and Installing mode :D

Thanks for your feedback :). We are already working on a tutorial and we’re going to release a fixed version after the Votings :D

Thats really a nice Game Idea ! It might be short but it makes fun 

Its truely a pleasure to play this after watching it to be developed. The Idea is simple but the implementation is really awesome! The Leveldesign looks great and with the Sound effects the ambience is just suitable for a horrorgame. Also its not too easy so i just want to replay it to get further than before over and over again xD 

Good Job !